ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Зошита для контролю знань [Мясоєдова С.В.] 2010

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Speaking 2
Variant 2

1. After my trip to Britain I have some postcards with the major places on interest in London. I’d like to tell about them. The first one is Big Ben. It is a very big clock. It has
name of the man who was in charge of the building.
The second postcard is a photo of London Tower. It is a very old building. The Tower stands on the Thames. In the early days of the history of England the English kings lived there. Then it was a prison. Now The Tower of London is a museum.
You can see a Piccadilly Circus in the third postcard. It is the heart of London’s West End. This place is very popular among tourists.
2. If I need to choose New Year presents for my friends and relatives, I should go to the department store. It is a very big shop where you can buy almost everything. First, I’ll buy a present for my mum. I know that she wants a new scarf. I think it will be a yarm woolen scarf. Then I want to buy a present for my dad. He likes reading very much. So, I’ll give him a book as a present. After that I’ll go to the toy department for a present for my little sister. It will be a big doll.
3.A: When was you last visit to the cinema?
B: I was at the cinema last Saturday.
A: What film did you see?
B: I was an American film about college life, and it was very entertaining.
A: Who starred in the film?
B: I don’t know the names of the actors because they are young and not famous yet. But the acting was good.
A: Did you like the film?
B: Yes, very much. I enjoyed the film. It was the best film I have seen lately.

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