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Unit 5. Question of sport
5.1 Sports popular in Ukraine
Grammar Smart
Ex.2a, p.132
1. The game has been finished by the athletes.
2. New protective clothing has always been given to us by our coach
3. A new tennis racquet has been presented to me by my parents.
4. A basketball competition has been won by our team.
5. An interesting article about American professional sport has been read by me.
6. has been invited by my friend to the stadium to watch a new football match.
Ex.2b, p.133
A sport medal in calisthenics has been received by Helen.
A school record in high jump has been broken by Alex.
A record in swimming has been set by Andrew.
A medal for the best footballer of the school has been qot by Taras.
Word Smart
1. footballer, goals, prestige, signed.
2. boxing, strongest, champion, athletes
3. Olympic Games, competitor, attractive, sportsman.
Зразок виконання домашнього завдання р.135
Sport plays a very important role in our life. Tastes differ. As for me I am a fan of tennis I am a member of our school tennis club. I signed up for tennis 2 years ago. I like sport so I thought it would be easy for me but my coach said that I must work hard. At the beginning it seemed I didn’t make any progress at all but in a month things were getting better. When there was a tournament for the beginners. I took the third place. Now I am one of the most experienced tennis players in our team and take part in all school competitions.
Time to read
Ex.2, p.136
the true statements: 3, 4, 6
Ex.3, p.136
1. does gymnastics - a gymnast
2. plays hockey - a hockey player
3. swims well - a swimmer.
4. runs fast - a runner
5. plays badminton - a badminton player rides a horse- a horse rider.
Time to Communicate
Ex.1, p.136
I am in a hurry because I have a ticket to the city championship in calisthenics. I adore calisthenics. It is the rhythmic gymnastics in which gymnasts perform with a ball, a ribbon, a hoop, a rope or clubs. It’s the most elegant and graceful sport although it requires a lot of skills to become proficient at it.
Ex.3, p.137
Ukraine is famous for its different sport teams. There are many sport schools and clubs here. Normally children sign up for sport at 7-8 years old. Parents support them because they want their children to be healthy and strong.
On one hand sport helps us to lead healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, it helps us to keep fit.
Besides, I can tell you about the most popular sports here. It’s football, athletics, tennis, calisthenics. So if you want to join any sport section choose any and sign up for any sport you like. It's exciting.

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