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Unit 6. On Screen of Stage
6.1 Are you a cinema-goer
Grammar Smart
p.165, b
1. made my little sister join me and tidy up our room.
2. My parents make me help them about the house.
3. made my friends take up sport.
4. My friends made me go to the cinema with them.
5. Our drama teacher made us take part in the performance.
6. My granny made me wash up after dinner.
Word Smart
Ex.1a, p.165
A historical film may be about some historical events in any country.
A science fiction film is about the future. It has great special effects.
A blockbuster is a film that is very popular and is watched by lots of people.
A screen adaptation of the novel is the transfer the novel to the film/
A musical is a film with lots of music and song.
A thriller is gripping film which keeps people on the edge of the seat. It’s gripping and exciting.
A cartoon is a film made of funny animated illustrations. It is usually made for children.
A comedy is a film with a funny plot with a happy ending.
Зразок виконання домашнього завдання.
I’d like to speak about the film called “Ice Age”. The director of the film is Chris Wedge.
I think it is a historical film though it has some elements of the comedy. We found ourselves to the prehistoric age, when people can’t speak. The Earth is ruling by the Mammoths. At then time appears the danger of Ice Age.
People in this film use pictures to communicate with each cither.
The end of the story is very sentimental. Friends bring the baby to his father and go back.
The film is full of humor. The main humor person is squirrel, but it has no communication with the main plot of the film. It makes a lot of funny situations. I think that this film is a real masterpiece of computer graphics and parents must see it with children.
Time to read
Ex.3, p.168
Steve likes science fiction films but I prefer comedies.
Ann isn't interested in science fiction films. Neither do I.
Ann says that horror films are too scary. I agree with her.
Andrew likes horror films. I don’t they are too scary.
Helen says that «Gladiator* is a touching film. I agree with her.
Helen says that she likes to watch musical and cartoons. I like
cartoons but I dislike musicals.
Time to communicate
Let’s go to the cinema. I would like to see something exciting. You know that I enjoy science fiction films. For example “The War of the Worlds”. They say it is a big hit. My brother has already seen it. He says that he couldn't take his eyes off the screen. He was impressed with this film. The special effects were great and the acting was perfect.
Time to write
Dear Kathleen,
I’m going to write about my favorite film, “Titanic”. It is a touching love story. It won 11 Oscars It’s a very famous film as you know. Leonardo Di Caprio played the part of Jack Dawson who was poor and wanted to become a artist, and Kate Winslet played the part of Rose Dewitt Bukater who was a girl from a rich family . They met by chance. Now, Rose becomes 100 years old and she tells us about their love story in Titanic.
The acting was perfect. I couldn’t take off my eyes off the screen. The special effects were great and the acting was perfect.
In addition, I liked this soundtrack to the film song “My heart will go on”. It’s a very beautiful song, isn’t it? It makes the film more sad. And touching. I have already seen this films several times and I recommend you to see it.

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