ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Зошит для контролю [Ходаковська О.О.] 2016

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Variant 2
1. Write special questions to the words in bold.
1) The capital city is London. (What city the capital)?
2) We were having lunch yesterday at 3 o'clock. (What time were you having bunch yesterday)?
3) We have visited three concerts. (How many concerts have you visited)?
4) I am writing now. (What are you doing now)?
5) Dad had repaired the car by 7 o'clock. (Who had repaired the car)?
6) Mike likes doing crosswords. (What does muke like doing)?
7) Our teacher asked us about the homework. (Whom did the teacher ask about the homework)?

2. Write tag questions to the following sentences.
1) It is a unique country made up of four nations,
2) He has to attend a meeting, (hasn't he)?
3) Peter, you are allowed to have a TV in your room, (aren't you)?
4) The English language is spoken all over the world, (ist't it)?
5) He is not arriving tomorrow evening, (is he).
6) The children were happy to travel by plane, (weren't they).
7) He likes going on the Tube, (doesn't he)?

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or Past Perfect Tense.
1) Do you want to see the film about Kyiv? It (has already started).
2) By 1848 the blue and yellow flag (had become) the national symbol of Ukraine.
3) The map of Kyiv is not here. I (have lost) it somewhere.
4. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or Past Simple Tense.
— What (did) you (do) last weekend?
— I (spent) the weekend in London. And i (have) just (returned) just (returned).
— Oh, I (have) never (been) to London. What is it like?
— It (was) fantastic!

iconГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас Зошит для контролю Зошит Ходаковська 2016 Ранок
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