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Unit 4. Lessons 3–4. Music Styles
3. Look at the photos on page 93 and listen to the information. Fill in the gaps. Who does the speaker talk about? Why is he impressed by the songs of this sing
Tina Karol was born on January 25, 1985 in Orotucan, Russia. Oleksandr Ponomariov was born on August 9. 1973 in Khmelnitskiy, USSR. Ukraine Award: Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Merited Artict of Ukraine. He won the first price at Ukrainian contest of young singers 'Chervona Ruta' in 1993, he got grand prix at Vladimir Ivasiuk International contest of young performers of modern Ukrainian song in 1995.
Style: pop.
4. a) Read about different styles of popular music. Say which of them you listen to.
I listen to rap.
b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.
1. 'Rhythm and blues' started in the USA.
2. Elvis Presley was one of the first 'rock and roll' singers.
3. The Beatles mixed rhythm and blues, rock and roll and soul music to create the British Beat Music.
4. Bob Marley made 'reggae' popular.
5. Jazz is an American musical art form.
5. Look at the photos and say what styles of music they are associated with.
Picture B is associated with the Blues. Picture C is associated with Rock and Roll. Picture D is associated with Heavy Metal. Picture E is associated with Country and Western. Picture F is associated with Rap. Picture G is associated with Reggae. Picture H is associated with Gospel.
9. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form and voice.
1. I will be asked at the music lesson tomorrow.
2. We were told a lot about the life of famous Ukrainian composer M. Lysenko by our teacher of music at the previous lesson.
3. Our musical dictations are usually checked by our teacher.
4. The name of this composer is seldom mentioned in our country.
5. The girl is not allowed to go to the concert.
6. The way to the nearest concert hall was shown to me by the Londoner.

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