ГДЗ Англійська мова 9 клас. Підручник [Несвіт А.] 2017

icon15.12.2018, icon9 Клас / Англійська мова, icon46 212, icon0

Lessons 1–2. Back to School
Lessons 3–4. Basic Secondary Education in Ukraine

Unit 1. My Magic Circle: Family and Friends
Lessons 1–2. Discover Yourself!
Lessons 3–4. Fashion Identity
Lessons 5–6. Hairstyle: Sophisticated? Smart? Extreme? … Cool!
Lessons 7–8. Young People Today
Lessons 9–10. Writing an Autobiography
Lesson 11. A Youth Organization
Lesson 12. Test Your Skills

Unit 2. Nature Magic: Web of Life
Lessons 1–2. This Is Our Earth
Lessons 3–4. Welcome to Ascania-Nova
Lessons 5-6. National Parks of the UK
Lesson 7. National Parks Around the World
Lesson 8. Test Your Skills

Unit 3. Environment and Greener Living
Lessons 1–2. Environmental Protection
Lesson 3. What is Fly-tipping?
Lessons 4–5. It’s Up to People!
Lessons 6–7. SOS: Endangered Species!

Unit 4. Science Magic
Lessons 1–2. Technology Affects Our Life!
Lessons 3–4. Keep In Touch!
Lessons 5–6. Is Life Possible Without Computers?
Lessons 7–8. Working on the Computer
Lesson 10. Test Your Skills

Unit 5. Amazing Britain
Lessons 1–2. Capital Cities
Lessons 3–4. Old and New Towns of Edinburgh
Lessons 5–6. The Giant’s Causeway
Lesson 7. Stonehenge – Forever a Mystery
Lesson 9. Test Your Skills

Unit 6. Information Magic: Radio an TV
Lessons 1–2. Mass Media in Our Life
Lessons 3–4. Television and Radio
Lessons 5–6. My Favourite TV Programme
Lesson 8. Test Your Skills

Unit 7. Career Magic
Lessons 1–2. The World of Professions
Lessons 3–4. A Day in the Life of…
Lessons 5–6. Career Prospects
Lesson 8. Test Your Skills

Text 1. An A for Mrs. B
Text 2. A Rescued Dog
Text 3. The Great Barrier Reef
Text 4. Thomas Alva Edison
Text 5. Sandra Bullock, a Non-typical Hollywood Star
Text 6. Is Television Useful or Harmful for Kids?

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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