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Unit 4. Lessons 8-9. At the Concert
1. a) Listen to the children buying tickets for the concert. Look at the photos and say whose concert they are going to.
The children are going to the concert of Natalia Mohylevska.
b) Speak in class. Complete the dialogue and act it out. Use the pictures above.
Cashier Can I help you?
You Can I buy tickets to the concert of Natalia Mohylevska for Saturday night?
Cashier Sorry, they are sold out. What about Sunday night?
You That’s OK. Are there enough seats for Sunday night?
Cashier Yes, there are seats for that one. How many tickets would you like?
You Two adults and two children.
Cashier OK, that’s two hundred hryvnias, please (two adults and two children).
You Here they are.
Cashier That’s 200 UAH out of 500 UAH. 300 UAH is your change.
You Thank you.
Cashier You are welcome. The concert starts at 7 o’clock.
You We’ll be on time.
2. Work in pairs. Have you ever watched a concert ‘live’, on TV or on video? Tell the class about your experience. Use the words from the word bank.
The music was fantastic, the singing was quite good, the guitar solos were brilliant, the drums were really loud. The lighting and the special effects were breathtaking. The stage design was spectacular. The sound was clear. The songs were marvelous, the words were charming. The costumes were original and fashionable.
3. Read the concert review and match the paragraphs (1–4) with the titles (A–D).
1. The Place and the Singer. 2. The Singer and the Audience. 3. The Performance. 4. Feelings after the Performance.
4. Read the review again and answer the questions.
1. The reviewer liked the concert because he wrote that the evening was highly enjoyable and there was a tremendous amount of fun there.
2. He watched the concert in a small concert hall.
3. The audience was about 100 people.
4. The audience clapped in the rhythm.
5. The singer talked a lot, but not only between songs, also during songs.
6. Yes, it was an enjoyable experience.
5. Look through the text of Ex. 3 and find the words to talk аbout:
songs solo; the audience really close, clap in the rhythm; the music get flooded with music, festivals, real experience, real; the performance enjoyable, tremendous.
8. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.
Last Sunday, hundreds of fans went to Ukraine Palace in Kyiv to see the famous Ukrainian band «Okean Elzy». There was not an empty seat anywhere in the auditorium. «Sure, it’s cold outside, but I hope we’ll warm it up here for you», said Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, the band leader.
The band sang a lot of well known songs from their albums.The wonderful music and the songs’ words told the listeners about the eternal values: understanding, friendship and love.
The sound was perfect. The audience really loved the concert. Many people in the crowd were real fans and they knew the words and they sang along to nearly every song.
At the end of the concert, «Ocean Elzy» showed that they were true performers. They finished with a new song — a song from their album «Mira». I know that I saw the performance of real stars.
9. Write a review of the concert you have been to or have watched on TV.
I like listening to music very much. I can’t live without it so I enjoy going to the concerts very much. My favoirite Ukrainian band is Okean Elzy. Last year I had a chance to see Okean Elzy alive. I went to their concert and was very excited. I came there an hour before the concert to get a good position and see everything better. Unfortunately the concert started an hour later so I had to wait for two hours but I did not regret going there. Everything was great, the sound, selection of songs and scenic design. The audience started singing together with the band almost from the first song. Almost all the time they focus our attention on real life problems. It was really amazing to see all this. The concert lasted for a couple of hours but I did not feel tired. I was really excited and filled with emotions. The concert was amazing.

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