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Unit 5. Lesson 5. Climate and Weather
1. Listen and match the dialogues to the pictures.
1. A. 2. D.
2. Read the text and say what the difference between the climate and weather is.
Climate is the weather in a certain area or place over many years.
3. Read and complete the sentences.
1. The climate is the weather in a certain area or place over many years.
2. The weather describes the day-to-day conditions of the atmosphere.
3. The weather includes the temperature of the air, the amount of sunshine and rainfall, and the wind and direction.
4. The climate of the UK is temperate which means that it is not very hot or very cold, or very wet or too dry.
5. The climate of the UK has variations within the different parts of the country.
6. Britain has plenty of clouds and rain because the wind more often comes from the south-west and moves across the Atlantic Ocean and picks up moisture.
5. Write. Complete the sentences with the correct auxiliary verbs: is, are, do, does, did, have, has, or will.
1. Did the weather forecast affect your choice of clothes yesterday?
2. The climate of the UK is described as temperate.
3. What is the temperature today? — It is 20 degrees above zero.
4. Does this territory get enough sunshine and rainfall?
5. The weather has changed greatly recently.
6. It is boiling hot.
7. The wind speed and direction will change tomorrow.
8. The weather conditions have already been studied by the meteorologists.
9. Do you usually listen to the weather forecast?
10. Are there any places in the UK which are warmer than inland?

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