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Unit 2
Ex. 1. Complete the sentences with the correct relative pronouns.
1 who
2 which
3 who
4 which
5 who
6 which
7 which
8 who
9 Which
10 which
11 who
12 which
13 who
14 which
15 which
16 which
17 which
18 who
19 who
20 which
Ex. 2. Put a relative pronoun (which / that / who / whom / whose / where) into each gap. At the same time, decide whether the relative pronoun can be omitted by writing it between brackets.
1 which
2 (which/that)
3 who
4 who/that
5 (which/that)
6 where
7 which
8 whom
9 whose
10 where
11 who/that
12 which/that
13 whose
14 where (The office in which I work...is also possible)
15 which/that
Ex. 3. Combine the sentences using relative clauses without relative pronouns.
1 The car we bought last week is blue
2 The girl we met at the party is a singer
3 The bananas George bought are on the table
4 The film we watched last night was really scary
5 The new words I have to learn are very difficult
Ex. 4. Cross out the relative pronoun if it can be omitted.
1 who
3 which
7 Which
Ex. 5. Match the parts and write sentences with a non-defining clause. Use'who'or'which'.
1 The Grand Canyon, which is over 200 miles long, is one of the wonders of the world.
2 Nelson Mandela, who was in prison for 27 years, became President of South Africa.
3 John Lennon, who was killed in 1980, was one of the Beatles.
4 The Titanic, which sank in 1912, was supposed to be unsinkable.
5 Queen Victoria, who came to the throne in 1837, ruled over the British Empire.
6 Mars, which is 140 mil- lion miles away, is known as the red planet.
7 The Berlin Wall, which was built in 1961, stood for 28 years.
Ex. 6. Read and choose the correct item ('a'or'b').
1a; 2b; 3b; 4b; 5a; 6b; 7 b; 8a; 9a; 10b
Ex. 7. Join each pair of sentences with a defining relative clause. Omit the pronoun where possible (-).
1 This is the book which/ that/- found the information in. This is the book where I found the information.
2 I talked to Susan, whom I didn't recognize. I didn't recognize Susan, whom I'd talk to.
3 She hasn't given me back the book she borrowed from me last week.
4 Have you seen the biscuits which/that were on the top shelf?
5 The woman who/that gave me the application form told me how to fill it out.
6 The novel is about a child whose parents die in the jungle
7 Charles Chaplin, who was a famous comedian, directed well-known films.
8 Tomorrow you are going to meet a girl who is intelligent and pretty, too
9 I bought a new CD whose songs are by different country music singers.
10 Last week I bought a book which/that was written 300 years ago.
11 This is the magazine where I found an article about how young gorillas learn in it.
12 I like people who/that are friendly and honest.
13 I didn't know the girl whom/who/that/ - / talked to at the bus stop. I didn't know the girl to whom I talked at the bus stop.
14 She hasn't given me back the book which/that/ - she borrowed from me last month.
15 Have you seen John's mobile phone, which he left it here on Saturday?
Ex 8. Join each pair of sentences with a non-defining relative clause.
1 Fur coats, which are very popular among wealthy women, produce indignation among animal lovers.
2 My English friends, who work for the RSPCA, live in Leeds.
My English friends, who live in Leeds, work for the RSPCA.
3 Harry, who is very fond of pets, has got a dog, a cat, two hamsters and three budgies.
4 My brother, who studied zoology, works in a natural history museum.
5 The Tower of London, which is on the River Thames, is one of the most famous buildings in Britain.
6 Fiesta, which was written by Ernest Hemingway, is also called The Sun Also Rises.
Fiesta, which is also called The Sun Also Rises, was written by Ernest Hemingway.
7 The new tunnel, which will be opened next month, is the safest in Europe.
8 Michael, who stayed up until 4 a.m. watching athletics, is still asleep.
9 Tina, whose parents were away on business, gave a big party in her house.
10 Doris Lessing, who was born in Persia, wrote The Golden Notebook.
Doris Lessing, who wrote The Golden Notebook, was born in Persia.
11 The bus, which was full of noisy school children, broke down at the top of the hill.
12 His grandparents bought him, who wanted a silver mountain bike, a present.
13 Her book, which was published last year, became an instant best-seller.
14 A strange old lady, who lives next door, is watching you again.
15 I finally bought the shoes which/that were the first ones I tried on.
Ex. 9. Read the situations and add commas where necessary.
1 I have three umbrellas.
I bought one of them in Paris. That one needs repairing.
The umbrella which I bought in Paris needs repairing.
2 I have one colleague. He works extremely hard.
He has few friends.
My colleague, who works extremely hard, is nor very popular.
3 I have several aunts. One works in New York. She's getting married.
My aunt who works in New York is getting married.
4 Peter made some sandwiches. They have all been eaten. You made some too. Your sandwiches have not been eaten.
The sandwiches which Peter made have all been eaten.
5 There was only one park in this town. Someone has built over it. We used to play in the park when we were children.
The local park, where we played as children, has been built over.
6 One of my French teachers helps me with my homework. The other one lives too far away. The French teacher whose house is near mine helps me with my homework.
7 You met one of my cousins last summer, the one from America. He's coming to stay again.
My American cousin, who you met last summer, is coming to stay again.
8 There were a lot of candidates in the presidential elections. Three of them were women. The winner was one of them. She had campaigned for better housing conditions. The woman who led
the campaign for better housing conditions has been elected President.
9 Only my boyfriend sent me flowers, but I had some other presents, including a vase. I put the flowers in the vase. The flowers which my boyfriend sent look beautiful in my new vase.
10 I took two cameras away with me. You lent me one of them. That's the one that got broken.
The camera which you lent me has been broken.
Ex. 10. Add commas where necessary.
1 Robert's parents, who are both retired, now live in Spain.
2 The people who live next door helped us to move the furniture.
3 Have you still got the money that 1 gave you?
4 Sidney. which has a population of more than three million, is Australia's largest city.
5 Peter's sister, who I've known for years, is a very nice person.
6 We saw Pat last night with that man who works in the library.
7 The chair, which was broken, has now been repaired.
8 Maria who has only been in Britain for a few weeks speaks excellent English.
9 Mr and Mrs Morris, who we went on holiday with, live in Bristol.
10 This is the house where we've lived for the last ten years.
11 My new flat, which you visited yesterday, is bigger than the old one.
12 Megan is going to Greece which is her favourite holiday spot.
13 The member of Parliament who visited our neighbourhood is in favour of new measures against violence.
14 Last week I visited aunt Mary who invited me to stay with her for sometime.
15 The red book on the shelf, which is said to be really valuable, is an old book.
Ex. 11. Complete the sentences with 'who', 'which', 'where', 'when', 'whose'or'that'. Omit the pronoun if possible and use commas where necessary.
1 We stopped to help a man whose car had broken down.
2 It's a new kind of car which / that doesn't use petrol.
3 My new house, which has a large garden, is what I had always wanted.
4 John, who works in the office next to mine, has decided to ask for an early retirement.
5 I like restaurants where they don't play music.
6 At the party I met a girl whose father is a millionaire.
7 She's the person who / that won the competition.
8 George Street, where I usually park, has been dosed to traffic.
9 My father died in 2001, when there was a terrorist attack.
10 The Cavern, where the Beatles first played, is one of the most visited places in Liverpool.
11 I complained to the man whose dog is always barking.
12 Our teacher, whose parents are Greek, can speak four languages.
13 Jeremy wants to go to Egypt, where he can study the pyramids.
14 Freddy Mercury, who died from AIDS, was the lead singer of Queen.
15 Anna went to the cemetery where Shakespeare is buried.
16 Tony has a computer program which / that translates Spanish to English.
17 The student (who / that) you were talking to didn't pass the exam.
18 John, whose father works in China, has decided to go to Beijing.
19 Take a look at this jacket (which / that) I bought this morning.
20 I always go to Greece in winter, when it is warmer than in Britain.
21 Mr Smith, whose car was hit by a lorry, is my teacher.
22 Charlie Chaplin, who was a star of silent films, died in 1977.
23 The student (who / that) I wanted to see was ill.
24 We visited the museum which /that has a new exhibition of dinosaurs.
25 We have a photograph of the mountain (which /that) we climbed in 12 hours.
26 I met a Nepalese tourist who lives in Kathmandu.
27 The palace which is in the centre of town is 500 years old.
28 Moira lost the keys which were in her bag.
29 Are you the driver whose car is parked outside?
30 The UK is one of the few places where you can drive when you are 17.
31 My friend, who was here last night, gave me a CD.
32 Waterloo is a village in Belgium where there was a big battle.
Ex. 12. Complete the text with the words from the box.
1 who
2 which
3 what
4 who
5 which
6 that
7 that
8 which
9 whose
10 who
11 which
12 which
13 when
14 when
15 where
16 when
17 where
Ex. 13. Rewrite the text. Combine the sentences using relative clauses. Use relative pronouns only where necessary. Note that you have to use commas in some of the sentences.
Last year we spent our holiday in Scotland, which is in the north of Great Britain. The people who live in Scotland are called Scots. We first went to Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland. Arthur Conan Doyle, who was born in Edinburgh, wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories. The lake which/that/- we visited is in the Highlands. Loch Ness, which people know for its friendly monster, is 37 km long. An old man who/that/- we met told us that he had seen Nessie. We then travelled to a mountain which/ that is near the town of Fort William. The mountain, which is the highest mountain in Great Britain, is called Ben Nevis. The postcard which/ that/- I sent you was written on the summit of Ben Nevis.
Ex. 14. Combine the sentences with relative clauses. (Decide whether to use commas or not.)
1 A monk is a man who/ that has devoted his life to God.
2 I have one black cat whose name is Blacky.
3 A herbivore is an animal which feeds upon vegetation.
4 Carol, who is only 9 years old, plays the piano brilliantly.
5 Sydney, which is not the capital of Australia, is the largest Australian city.
6 We ordered a book which/that was very expensive.
7 The paint on the bench which/that/ — you are sitting on is still wet.
8 The photographer could not develop the pictures which/that/ - I had taken in Australia.
9 One of the bins which/ that/ — you haven't emptied for 3 weeks smells awful.
10 They are singing a song which/that/ — I don't know.
11 The city, which is usually crowded with people, seems to be abandoned.
12 We cannot accept the offer which/that/ — you made.
13 A woman who/that assists other women in childbirth is a midwife.
14 The police arrested three youngsters who/that had committed criminal offences.
15 Tim Berners-Lee in- vented the World Wide Web, which has become an essential part of our lives.

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