ГДЗ Англійська мова 9 клас. Зошит з граматики [Карпюк О.Д.] 2017

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1. Complete each sentence with the correct tense form.
1 b have known
2 b cleaned
3 a worked
4 c saw — were just talking
5 b have they moved
6 a was riding — bit
7 c bit — fell off
8 a had come
9 a has he washed
10 chad sprained
11 b was shining — were lying
12 b have arrived-have you been
2. Complete the sentences using the appropriate forms to express future actions.
1 will
2 is going
3 will
4 am seeing
5 won't
6 will
7 will
8 is
9 is getting
10 are meeting
11 will
12 are getting
3. Change active voice into passive.
1 We are taught grammar by Ms Sullivan.
2 He was praised by the teacher.
3 The injured were taken to the hospital by the firemen.
4 The town was destroyed by an earthquake.
5 The teacher was pleased with the boy s work.
6 The building was dam aged by the fire.
7 The streets were thronged with spectators.
8 The trees were blown down by the wind.
9 The thieves were caught by the police.
10 1 he letter was posted by Alice.
11 The snake was killed with a stick.
12 The minister was well corned by the people.

iconГДЗ 9 клас Англійська мова Карпюк 2017 Зошит Либра Терра
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