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3.5 My progres in English
Grammar Smart
1. He asked Ann to come to his party.
2. Mum offered Boris to have some tea with her.
3. Mum asked me to eat that piece of pie.
4. Peter asked if I would like to go with them to McDonald’s restaurant the next day.
5. Mum told me to have a snack there.
6. Mum asked boys to look through the menu.
Word smart
1. I have a passion for sweet things.
2. I’ll present you with a cookery book.
3. My friend invited me to the cafe and I accepted the invitation.
4. The specialty of my granny is borsch.
5. When I see this pie, I have my mouth watered.
6. I am afraid my stomach is filled.
Function Smart
1 - d;
2 - a;
3 - f;
4 - b;
5 - e;
6 - e
Time to read
The correct answers are: 2, 3, 5, 6
Time to write
We all have our eating habits. I also have mine. I would like to tell you about them. For breakfast I don’t feel like eating meets. I prefer to have some oatmeal porridge with some fruit to taste better.
For lunch I enjoy having some cheese sandwiches with orange juice. I
have a passion for orange juice.
I don’t like fast food and I usually have dinner at home.
It’s good to begin it with vegetable salad., then soup comes. I like vegetable or mush-room soup. Then a main course comes. Some chicken with potatoes sound perfect. I never eat a lot for supper. I prefer omelet or some fish with vegetables.

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