ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Підручник [Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.] 2015

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3.4 Let's have a bite
Word Smart
Ex.1a, p.93
What do you prefer foe a snack?
How often do you have a snack out?
What is your favourite place for eating out?
Зразок виконання домашнього завдання.
We all have our favourite place for eating out/1 also have one. This is a small Italian cafe in the city centre. I usually go their with my family on Sundays or celebrate some family holidays there.
The food is so delicious there that I have mouth watered when I see it.
I have a passion for pizza and here I can choose one I like the most. They have a wide choice for all tastes. As for me I prefer pizza with cheeses and seafood.
Time to read
1. Ann is going to celebrate her birthday.
2. At the “Orange” cafe.
3. At 2 o’clock on Saturday.
Ex.2, p.95
2. attractions;
3. invitation;
4. competitions;
5. participation;
6. decoration
Time to communicate
I am going to celebrate my birthday next month. I am going to invite my friends to the "Orange cafe". It’s one of our favourite places to visit. There is more space for dancing, games and different funny competitions.
They have their specialty there, a banana pie. When I am talking about it makes my mouth water. I think this pie will be a great surprise for my friends.
Time to write
Dear Kate!
I would like to tell you about visiting a very nice cafe.
Once my friend invited me to visit her favourite cafe. I accepted the invitation and we had a great time there.
I liked this cafe because it is famous for their fruit salads and other desserts. Besides there is lots of space for dancing and funny competitions.
When I saw all those tasty things, they made my mouth watered.
But a real surprise was when a waiter brought ice cream with nuts and chocolate. It was great.
Next time I am going to celebrate my birthday there.
Looking forward to getting a letter from you.
Best wishes Glenda

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