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7.3 The city and people
Grammar Smart
Ex.3, p.210
1. 25000;
2. approximately 1000;
3. more than 700:
4. 400;
5. 200;
6. 100
Зразок виконання домашнього завдання
Nikolai Mikhailovich Amosov, was a Soviet Russian and Ukrainian doctor, heart surgeon, inventor, best-selling author, and exercise enthusiast, known for his inventions heart defects.
Born to Russian peasants, Nikolai fought in World War II. After the war he moved to Kiev and in 1965 wrote The Thoughts and the Heart, selling millions of copies. He was the recipient of multiple awards.
In 2008 Amosov was placed second in their ranking of «our greatest compatriots» by the viewers of the TV show The Greatest Ukrainians.
Time to read
Ex.2, p.212
1. neighborhood;
2. brotherhood;
3. childhood;
4. motherland;
5. knight ship;
6. motherhood
Time to communicate
The foundation of Kyiv Mohila national academy goes back to 1015 when a brother-hood of Ukrainian Nobility, Cossacks and priests founded a school that gave a very good education.
In 1632 another great man, Metropolitan Petro Mohyla united Kyiv Lavra School and brotherhood school.
Thus Kyiv Collegium appeared which soon became the first University in the Eastern Europe.
As Petro Mohyla was a highly educated person he created the University which provided an excellent academic education. In 2014 the Kyiv Mohyla Academy became increasingly noticeable.
Time to write
Taras Shevchenko University or officially the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It is the third oldest university in Ukraine after the University of Lviv and University of Kharkiv. Currently, its structure consists of fifteen and five institutes. It was founded in 1834 as the Kiev Imperial University of Saint Vladimir, and since then it has changed its name several time.
In 2009, Delovoy magazine ranked Taras Shevchenko University as the best university in Ukraine, being nationally the strongest in the greatest number of academic fields. According to the independent ranking of 228 universities in Ukraine performed by Compas, Taras Shevchenko University was ranked the first best position in Ukraine.

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