ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Зошит для контролю [Ходаковська О.О.] 2016

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Variant 1

1. Complete the dialogue using the words from the box.
Doctor: What had happened to you?
Patient: I have fallen from a ladder while painting the ceiling in my room.
I have (pain) in my left (art).
Doctor: Does it hurt when you bend it or not? It must be (broken)
Patient: The arm hurts when I bend it. I also have a deep (cup) on my right hand.
Doctor: I'll have to put some (stiches) on that.
2. Match the problems with the pieces of advice.
d - 1) 1 have a sore throat.
a - 2) I want to speak English more fluently.
c - 3) I'm putting on weight.
e - 4) I'm bored at weekends.
b - 5) I don't like travelling in crowded buses.

З. Fill in the gaps.
1) А (doctor) takes care of you when you have a small injury or feel sick.
2) You Put a (band) on a cut to keep it clean.
3) You take (medicine) to make you feel better.

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