ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Підручник [Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.] 2015

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1.4 In comfort with yourself
Наводяться необхідні слова та словосполучення, які треба додати.
a) feel lonely; socialize with friends
b) losing your temper
c) outfit; wear something new
d) troubles; generation gap
e) maths; try a little harder
f) the Carpathians; the weather
Word smart
Ex.1a, p. 34

When we have a problem of generation gap we found difficult to tell our parents about our problems. We feel stressed and sometimes lose our temper.
Ex.1b, p. 34
The problem is that the girl is going to buy a new outfit that costs a fortune.
She doesn’t think about the family budget.
Зразок виконання домашнього завдання.
Yesterday when I was going home I met my friend. I was very glad to see her. But I noticed that she was said. She told me that she felt lonely .They moved into a new house and she had to change school. She felt lonely because she didn’t find new friends. She was stressed and I worried about her. I told her that she must socialize with her new classmates. Hope, I could help her.
Time to read
Ex.2, p.36
Difficulties with mathsWork harder
A wrong outfitWear something new
It’s difficult to tell patents about some problemsTry to be tolerant and choose the right moment to remind your parents about their own childhood
Time to communicate
Ex.1, p.36
I often worry about different things. My friend says that I have worry genes. That’s right. My dad is aiso a skilled worried rand my mum specializes in big worries too.
But one day I understood that 1 made a mess in my life and asked my friend to help me.
Ex.2, p.37
I felt lonely when I had to change a school so I began to socialize with my new classmates more.
I have a problem of generation gap with my parents. I tried to understand them and re-minded them about their childhood.
I didn't like my outfit, so I tried do wear something new etc.
Time to write
The problem of the generation gap has always been very important for teenagers and for their parents as well.
There are lots of arguments about it.
The most serious drawback of the problem of the generation gap is the fact that children can’t tell parents about their troubles. So they feel stressed and feel lonely. There is the way out.
One hand parents must remember the days when they were children. Moreover they begin to understand them better. On the other hand children must be more tolerant to their parents. They mustn’t forget that their fathers and mothers love them.

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