ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Підручник [Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.] 2015

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1.5 My progress in English
Grammar Smart p.38
1. Is
2. has
3. am
4. is
5. am
6. have
1. uncle
2. footsteps
3. operations
4. survey
5. blessed
6. temper
Function Smart
1 - d;
2 - а;
3 - f;
4 - b;
5 - е;
6 - е
Time to read
Вірні речення: 1.4. 5. 6.
Time to write
My family is my foundation. My parents tell me that they ate going to love me, no matter what. Just knowing that makes me feel happy.
My father is the person that I admire. He is clever and strong.
He is a doctor and I think, I will follow in his footsteps.
Here is my mum. I think she is the kindest person in the world. She is very helpful and caring.
My little brother is everybody's pet. He is funny and kind. I love him. But friends are also very important in our life. My friend Mike is my closest friend. We have a lot in common and like to spend time together.

iconГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас Підручник Калініна Самойлюкевич 2015 Генеза
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