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Unit 1. Lessons 6–7. What We Read
2. News is spread worldwide in different ways. First of all, the greatest numbers of newspapers has offices or reporters in their capital cities and they send their reporters to other cities around the world to bring news to their country. Secondly, most newspapers rely on news services for international news.
3. 1. People usually expect to see or read up political and economic news every day. 2. The most popular news service organization is the «Interfax-Ukraine» News Agency. 3. Modern telecommunication systems, the phone, the fax and the Internet, have speeded up the worldwide gathering of the news.
3. Read the article from a magazine. Say why the first English-language newspaper was not published in Britain.
The First Newspapers
The earliest newspapers were probably handwritten notices. They were posted to be read by public. But the first true newspaper was a weekly newspaper. It started in Germany in 1609. It was called Strassburg Relation. The Germans were pioneers in newspaper publishing.
Johannes Gutenerg, the man who developed the idea of movable type, came from Germany.
One of the first English language newspapers, The London Gazette, was printed in England in 1665. «Gazette» is\was an old English word that means\meant «official publication». Many newspapers today still use the word «gazette» in their names.
7. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form and voice.
1. How many subscribers did our local newspaper have last year?
2. Current events are always highlighted on the front page of any newspaper.
3. I think she will keep us informed about the events tomorrow.
4. What intervals is this magazine published at?
5. New products and services are advertised in every issue of this newspaper.
6. Newsprint is the name of the paper on which newspapers are printed.
7. Is this magazine sold worldwide?
8. Advertising has become more and more popular in Ukraine nowadays.

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