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Unit 1. Lesson 13. Grammar Revision
1. Ask questions to the words in bold. Start them with the words in brackets.
1. How long has Fleet Street been the home of the British Press?
2. What do newspapers provide by giving information at little cost?
3. Where does she usually find the information about current events?
4. What kind of information does «Ukrainian Observer» usually describe?
5. When did they read the editorial and discuss it in class?
6. How fast is the information distributed?
2. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple Active or Passive Voice.
Some newsletters began during the Renaissance in Europe. Merchants spread handwritten documents that described the latest wars, economic news, and human-interest stories. After Gutenberg invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, printed newsletters appeared in the late 1400s. Many «newssheets» in the 16th century even had illustrations. Despite their popularity in Europe, newspapers had a rocky start in colonial America. A newspaper was called The Public Occurrence and was printed in Boston in 1690. Perhaps it documented things too publicly. The publisher was arrested by the authorities and all copies of the newspaper were destroyed.
Remember, this had been before the Bill of Rights made freedom of the pres a basic right in America.
3. Work in pairs. Use the prompts to make sentences. Then act out the conversation.
At the Newsagent’s
A. Let’s buy a magazine to read.
B. I do not know what magazine to choose.
A. There is a great choice of interesting magazines. What kind of articles are you interested in?
B. Magazines include articles on many subjects. I think Cool Magazine is interesting.
A. OK. There are some «how to» columns to find there. Experts write articles and give tips on how to do something.
B. I like your choice.

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