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Reader. Unit 1. Mass Media: the Press
1. Answer the questions.
1. Yes, I sometimes read the magazines, but not very often.
2. I like reading magazines for teenagers.
3. I am interested in music and films.
4. My family members like to read our local newspaper with the latest news.
5. No, I have never tried my hand at editing a school newspaper.
6. Yes, I think the editor has to know everything that is published in the newspaper.
2. Match the words (1–8) with their defi nitions (a–h).
1. to bang g) to hit smth hard, making a loud noise;
2. to relieve h) to reduce someone’s pain or unpleasant feeling;
3. a turnip e) a large round pale yellow vegetable that grows under the ground, or the plant that produces it;
4. a cane f) a long thin stick with a curved handle that you can use to help you walk or punish other people;
5. to string c) to move suddenly and quickly in a particular direction;
6. an instinct d) a natural tendency to behave in a particular way;
7. to edit a) to prepare a book, piece of film etc for printing or broadcasting by removing the mistakes;
8. a passageway b) a long, narrow connecting way, esp. inside the building.
3. Choose the correct word from Ex. 1 to complete the sentences.
1. The newspaper editor edits letters before printing them.
2. Tom strung out of bed and ran downstairs.
3. He pulled all the turnips in a half-ripe condition.
4. He led me down a narrow passageway.
5. Most animals have an instinct to protect their young.
6. We relieved to hear that you had arrived safely.
7. I was often punished with a cane when I was a child.
8. Stop banging on the door.
5. Answer the questions.
1. The main character took the offer to become an editor of an agricultural newspaper because he needed money and the regular editor of the paper was going off for a holiday.
2. The new editor was pleased during his first days in the office because when he left the office, a group of men and boys at the foot of the stairs gave him passageway.
3. An old gentleman thought that the new editor had never edited an agricultural paper before and he had never had any experience in agriculture practically.
4. The long pale young man who came to the office suffered because he thought he was crazy.
5. The pieces of furniture broken by the old man and those two young farmers caused the sadness of the regular editor.
6. The new editor made the paper of interest to all classes and ran the circulation up to twenty thousand copies and gave the best class of readers that ever an agricultural paper had so those were the positive effects, but he ruined the reputation of the paper and that was the failure of the new editor of an agricultural newspaper.
6. Choose the correct item to complete the sentences:
1. I had some doubts when I agreed to edit an agricultural paper b).
2. I was naturally pleased with their attention c).
3. Great care is necessary in looking after the turnip a).
4. It is the first time I ever heard of man’s having to know anything in order to edit the newspaper b).
7. Number the events in order they happen in the story.
1. D. I took the offer of the regular editor of the paper. A. I was naturally pleased with the attention of a group of men and boys.
2. F. The old person who was displeased by the paper, got up, tore his paper into small pieces, broke several things with his cane, went out and banged the door after him.
3. B. But the editor has taken a great load off the mind of a long pale man.
4. C. After his coming back the regular editor was displeased with the reputation of the paper.
5. E. Nevertheless, the new editor has done his duty.
11. Complete the sentences given below.
1. The new editor was a person to surprise everyone because he decided to edit an agricultural newspaper but he knew nothing of agriculture.
2. He decided he could edit an agricultural newspaper because he had been in editorial business for fourteen years.

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