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Unit 2. Nature Magic: Web of Life
Lessons 1–2. This Is Our Earth
4. Read the article and say what environmental problems people are concerned about.
The people on our planet are concerned about the problems which endanger their lives, about pollution in its many forms, about litter or noise where they live, or lack of trees or grass. They might be concerned about the changing climate around the world, the destruction of wildlife and countryside beauty and the shortage of natural resources.
6. Look through the text of Ex. 4 again and complete the sentences.
1. simply what is around us;
2. is the area around our home or our school;
3. the whole world — all the cities, countryside, forests, seas and the air that we breathe;
4. all living and non-living things that occur on earth;
5. with the built environment which influenced by man strongly;
6. litter or noise where we live, or lack of trees or grass.
7. Find the words in the text of Ex. 4 to match these definitions.
1) environment;
2) to refer to;
3) to comprise;
4) concern;
5) destruction;
6) wildlife;
7) shortage;
8) natural resources.
8. Find the words in the text of Ex. 4 to match these definitions.
1) pollution;
2) natural resources;
3) comprises;
4) shortage;
5) concern;
6) destruction;
7) refers;
8) Pollution.
11. Write a few sentences about the place where you live. Do people respect the environment there? Are there any environmental problems there?
As far as I know the people respect the environment in the place where I live. They try to plant trees next to their buildings and houses. They keep the area clean. They put waste in certain place. Water shortage is one of the typical environmental problems for the people of my district. But the people try to save water they install water meters in their flats.

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