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Text 2. A Rescued Dog
1. Answer the questions.
1) My close friend has got a pet. It is a dog.
2) No, she hasn’t. She has never lost her dog.
2. Match the words and word combinations (1–8) with their definitions (a–h).
3. Choose the correct words from the text to complete the sentences.
1) stood up;
2) to calm him down;
3) approached;
4) dog tag;
5) irrelevant;
6) prank;
7) reuniting;
8) injuries.
6. Choose the correct item to complete the sentences:
7. Complete the statement.
8. Number the events in order they happen in the story.
9. Read and say if the statements are true or false.
1 T;
2 T;
3 T;
4 T;
5 F;
6 T;
7 F;
8 T.
11. Complete the sentences given below.
1) there was a dog who had been hit by the car;
2) they wanted to warn them away;
3) the dog had been missing for two weeks and had travelled from deep in Southeast Portland (on the other side of the river).
12. Say why the dog didn’t let anybody come near him.
The dog didn’t let anybody come near him because he doesn’t know this person. The dog’s owner doesn’t allow him to come up next the stranger. The dog should follow his owner’s command and orders and doesn’t approach the stranger.
13. Say why the dog’s owner started crying uncontrollably when he saw his dog.
The dog’s owner started crying uncontrollably when he saw his dog in unpredictable situation. But it is bad because will follow the commands of his owner. In such situation the dog can’t control his behavior.
14. Imagine that you have found a lost dog (cat) in the street. Tell your classmates what you are going to do to help the animal.
If I found a lost dog in the street I would try to help the poor animal. First of all, I would take it home and feed it or give some water to drink. Then I would write an advertisements on a piece of paper and glue or stick them on the board, houses ad buildings along the street I had found the dog. Then I would use a computer to send a message about a lost dog with description of dog’s appearance and my personal information. When nobody phoned or came for some time I would persuade my parents to leave a dog in my home.
16. Make up your own story about saving an animal. Use the questions below as a plan.
It was a hot sunny day. I was walking along the street in the centre of the city when suddenly I saw a small monkey. It was wearing a colourful coat and had a funny ribbon on the head. But the animal was scared and looked miserable. I came nearer to it and took it in my hands. The monkey jumped in my hands and sat calmly looking at me with gratefulness. I tried to look for an owner of the monkey. After some time I saw an owner of the monkey who was running towards me. It was a photographer because I saw a camera in his hand. He was taking photos with children and he didn’t notice the monkey’s disappearing. When he discovered the money had disappeared he started looking for it. He was lucky I had found a monkey.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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