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Test 5
Task 1. Read the article and match the title A-F to each paragraph 1-4 . There are two extra titles.
1. Tomorrow’s children will eat differently from their parents. Many modern homes don’t have a dining room because the occupants usually eat meals in front of the television. In the future, families eating together at home will be an unusual event. Food will be heated in a microwave. If there is a cooker, it will be on a dining table rather than in the kitchen.E New eating habits
2. The kitchen of the future will be intelligent! Thanks to automation, it may be possible to call home on a mobile to start a cooking programme. There is nothing better than to come home after a long working day to see your dinner ready. With such a kitchen you can easily organize a party for your friends.B Distant operating
3. In the future, fewer Europeans will eat meat because they think that other foods are better for their health. In addition, farmers will realise that growing crops is a more efficient use of land than raising cattle. “ Every time a person gives up eating beef,” says food expert Brian Ford, “ three thousand square metres of land are freed for crop production.”F More veggies
4. But meat is a major source of protein. How will we get the protein we need without meat? The answer is: from plant sources. Mushrooms and other fungi will be specially grown, fortified with vitamins and artificially flavoured. Artificial flavouring will become widespread.D Replacing meat
Task 2. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.
There exist (1) B many different kinds of computer games. Usual games are quick and easy to play. People can choose and play the game (2) A whenever they have a spare minute or two. You can find them on your mobile phone, on your computer and even on your television. They include popular games like Solitaire and Spider. (3) A Another type of games is serious games. These games are designed to teach players something useful. One of the longest running serious games are the Microsoft Flight Simulator. It was made in 1982 and since then, many (4) D pilots have used it to learn to fly planes. Other games teach police and fire fighters what to do in a(n) (5) A emergency case.
Language learning software does not typically fall into this (6) B group, however. These are educational games. In recent years, an (7) C increasing number of games have been created to improve the player’s skills and knowledge. They help younger kids learn to count and spell, and teach older kids mathematics and technology.
Test 6
Task 1. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B or C.
1. When did Mark Twain go to the party?
C in the evening
2. How long was M. Twain’s speech?
C over 15 minutes
3. Who was Mark Twain’s friend?
B a man
4. What did Mark Twain and his friend agree to do before the dinner?
A to exchange speeches
5. What did Mark Twain’s friend lose?
B the notes of Mark Twain’s speech
Task 2. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.
There exists a very interesting island in the Pacific Ocean. It’s called Easter Island which is (1) C famous for its statues. Hundreds of these huge, stone faces can be (2) C found all over the island.
The question is who made them. How (3) D did they move these giant pieces of rock? Studies show that people first arrived on the island about 1600 years ago. They had a very advanced culture. Many objects were made by them, and they had their (4) B own written language. However, the number of people on the island grew and grew (5) B until it reached about 10,000 people.
It happened so that there were too many people and there wasn’t (6) D enough food to eat. A terrible war happened and many of the statues were destroyed. When western explorers (7) B discovered the island on Easter Day in 1722, the huge rock statues were the only sign of the existence of a great society once living there.

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