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2.4 How to manage your English language learning
Word Smart
Ex.1, p.64
1. What are your successes in learning English?
I managed to improve my grammar. You are doing great
2. What are your failures in learning English?
I have some problems with spelling. Never give up.
Ex.2, p.65
1. Keep going
2. Have another try.
3. Have another go.
4. Don’t give up.
5. You are doing great.
6. You can do it.
Time to read
Ex.2, p.66
1. interesting
2. discouraged
3. surprising
4. boring
5. shocking
Time to communicate
I was feeling down about my English test. The results was poor because I had problems with spelling. Grammar also left much to be desired. So I made lots of mistakes. My sister told me that we should experience both success and failure. We can learn a lot from our failures.
I understood that I have to pay more attention to spelling and grammar. I worked hard. And in a month my results were much better.
Besides I won a school tournament in spelling.
Time to write
This is to certify that Helen Taylor participated in the school tournament Spelling Bee on November,15, 2014 at Kalvine Coolage School

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