ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Підручник [Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.] 2015

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2.5 My progress in English
Grammar Smart
Ex.1, p.68
2. should
3. shouldn’t Word Smart
2. spend
3. owe Function Smart
1 - e:
2 - c;
3 - a;
4 - f;
5 - b;
6 - d
1 - T;
2 - T;
3 - F;
4 - F;
5 - T;
6 - T;
Time to write
School seems to be a centre of my universe. I spend lots of time there. I have good friends, wonderful teachers and favourite subject. Sometimes I want to pretend to be ill because I can’t face my lessons. But I understand that l will lag behind if I skip classes. And it will be difficult to catch up with my class then. Besides l don’t want to fail my exams.
Some time ago I was feeling down about my English test. The results was poor because I had problems with spelling. Grammar also left much to be desired. So I made lots of mistakes. My sister told me that we should experience both success and failure. We can learn a lot from our failures.
I understood that I have to pay more attention to spelling and grammar.
I worked hard. And in a month my results were much better.

iconГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас Підручник Калініна Самойлюкевич 2015 Генеза
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