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Test 3. Health Highlights
Variant 2
1. Listen to the text and answer the questions.
1) What are the consequences of smoking?
(Smoking gradually poins the human organism).
2) Whyn resets of smoking be fatel?
(Because smoking leats to such health problem as canser, heart disease and organ damage).
2. You visit a sick friend. Write answers to the questions.
You: How do you feel today, Sarah? How is your temperature?
friend:(A little bit better. The temperature is normal.)
You: How about your appetite? Is it better or worse?
friend:(It is much better.)
You: Good. Have you got any pain in your back?
Friend: (No, i haven't got any pain in my back.)
You: Great! i wish you a quick recovery, can we meet tomorrow?
Friend: (Sure i'll be waiting for you.)
3. Circle the correct variant.
1) Tania coughs a lot. She should take some cough ...
a) milk
(b) syrup
2) Tom's got a terrible headache. He'd better take ... .
(a) an aspirin
b) a prescription
3) My brother has got measles. He shouldn't....
(a) scratch himself
b) relax
4) Tony broke his leg. Now he needs ... to move.
(a) a wheelchair
b) a club
4. Fill in must, mustn't, should or shouldn't.
1) In our school we (must) follow school rules.
2) I feel unwell. I (should) stay in bed.
3) Drivers (must) stop at red traffic lights.
4) You (shouldn't) ride your motorbike without a helmet.
5) Parents (should) take care of babies.

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