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Test 4. The World of Cinema and Theatre
Variant 2
1. Listen and mark the statements as «True» or «False».
1) Ford's parents influenced his decision to become an actor. (False)
2) He wanted to be an actor. (True)
3) He isn't a successful actor, according to the text. (False)
4) Han Solo in «Star Wars» is a comic-book character. (True)
2. Read and complete the text.
Ballet is a type of (dance) performance that appeared in Italy and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia. It has become a highly technical form of dance. Ballet needs years of (training) to learn and master. A ballet dance performance consists of the choreography and (music). A well-known example of this is «The Nutcracker», a two-act (ballet) that was originally choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov with music by Tchaikovsky. Many classical ballet works are performed with classical music accompaniment and are theatrical and use (stage) and staging.
(a) dance
b) play
c) music
d) film
a) skills
(b) training
c) performing
d) singing
(a) music
b) songs
c) dance
d) audience
a) play
b) concert
c) film
(d) ballet
a) music
b) costumes
(c) stage
d) theatre
3. Fill in the missing vowels and write the correct variant.
1) A (c_rt__n) (carton) film has animated characters.
2) A film about lots of exciting or dangerous events is a (thr_ll_r) (thriller).
3) A (d_t_ct_v_) (detective) is about crimes and strange events that are only explained at the end.
4) A (b_ _gr_ph_) (biography) is about the story of a person's life written by somebody efse.
4. Complete the sentences with the verbs in the Present Perfect Tense.
1) Tim La (has been) to the cinema this week.
2) They (have bought) their tickets.
3) I (have token) a lot of photos in the opera theatre.
4) You (have left) your umbrella at home.

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