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Test 3. Health Highlights
Variant 1
1. listen to the text and answer the questions.
1) What can smoking produce for teens?
Smoking can bad them to health problems, bad skin, bad breath, different illnesses.
2) What happens with one's athletic performance when a person smokes?
It gets worse.
2. You visit a sick friend. Write answers to the questions.
You: Hello, Viktor! How are you?
Friend: (Hi, Orest not very well i feel sick.)
You: Oh, dear, I'm sorry. What's the matter? You look awful.
friend: (I've cought a cold.)
You: Poor you! Are you taking any medicine?
Friend: (Yes, I am and i also drimk hot milk with honey).
You: Oh, good! I hope you feel better soon. Can I help you?
Friend: (No, thank you).
You: See you tomorrow.
3. Circle the correct variant.
1) To disinfect a bruise, you need some ... .
(a) antiseptic
b) water
2) Henry's got flu. He shouldn't... .
(a) walk
b) drink hot milk
3) My grandfather can't hear well. He should ... .
(a) visit a doctor
b) play loud
4) He needs glasses because of his ... .
a) sore throat
(b) short-sightedness
4. Fill in must, mustn't, should or shouldn't.
1) You (shauldn't) watch TV all day. It is bad.
2) We (must) be on time at school.
3) Doctors (shauld) examine patients.
4) He had an accident. He (must) consult a doctor.
5) We (shauld) help our teachers and classmates.

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