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Unit 1. Lesson 1-2. The Age of Information
1. a) Look at the pictures and say as in the example.
I use a computer to play computer games. I use the Internet to watch films and read the news. I use radio to listen to music. I use my laptop to make different reports for school. I use a newspaper to read different news. I use a magazine to read different articles about my favourite actors or singers. I use books to read interesting novels or stories. I use a TV set to watch interesting films. I use headphones to listen to music from my laptop. I use my mobile phone to call my parents and friends. I use a CD to keep different files.
b) Work in pairs. Discuss the questions with your friend.
1. I sometimes listen to the radio. My favourite radio programmes are morning shows.
2. I watch TV almost every day. I like sport programmes and entertaining shows.
3. I do not often read a newspaper. Interesting facts and stories usually attract my attention.
4. I like to read magazines.
5. I use the Internet for watching interesting films or finding useful information.
2. a) Work in groups. Complete the mind map.
Where Does the Information Come from?
a) A newspaper, a magazine, TV, radio, the Internet.
b) TV usually presents news, soap operas, documentaries, sport programmes, quiz shows and feature films. Radio usually presents news, entertainment programmes, concerts, music quizzes. Newspapers usually present news, reviews, interviews and commentaries. Magazines usually present sports, travel, computers, fashion, cars, home decorating. The Internet usually presents any kind of information on different websites.
3. a) Listen and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.
1. Alex and Tom are at home, a) 2. Alex and Tom talk about a present for Dan. a) 3. The boys have decided to buy a CD. c)
b) Use the prompts to complete the dialogue. Act it out.
Alex: Have you decided on a present yet?
Tom: I’d like to buy either a computer game or a CD.
Alex: Computer games have developed into a mass form of media lately. Children and teenagers spend hours playing them.
Tom: Dan knows the right balance between work and leisure.
Alex: As far as I know he has a great number of computer games at home. Let’s buy a CD for him.
Tom: Who is his favourite singer?
Alex: Why not ask Ann?
Tom: OK.
4. Read the magazine article about modern electronic and print media and say which of them you use every day.
I use discs and tapes and films for entertainment every day.
5. Work in pairs. Take turns to ask and answer the questions given below.
1. We say that the 20th century started the age of information because people in different continents get to know the latest news immediately.
2. The news usually comes from electronic media and print media.
3. The invention of the television and radio helps the news to travel very fast.
4. We can listen to the radio, watch TV, both listen and watch to the Internet and interact with the Internet.
5. I do not agree that modern world is getting smaller nowadays because of the development of mass media.
6. Read the definitions and find the corresponding words in the magazine article of Ex. 4 on p. 10.
1. A business of preparing and printing books, newspapers, magazines, etc. and making them available to the public — publishing
2. A cassette or a reel with tape wound round it, used for recording sounds, pictures or information — tape
3. The sending out of programmes on radio and television — broadcasting
4. A flat thin round object which is used for storing information or recording music — a disc
5. Live Journal, the personal site on the Internet where the author publishes his comments on different topics — the blog.
6. The action of providing something interesting or enjoyable for somebody or the process of being provided with something interesting or enjoyable — entertainment
7. The automatic collection of MP-3 audiofiles from different sites on the Internet — podcast
8. The main means of communication with large number of people, esp. television, radio and newspapers — electronic media and print media
9. Games which are designed to play on the computer — computer games.
7. a) Complete the sentences with the words from Ex. 4 on p. 10.
1. British publishing has traditionally been based on the principle that it is a public service.
2. The entertainment business is growing in Ukraine today.
3. Have you prepared anything to broadcast?
4. The event received excellent podcast coverage.
5. Have you recorded this song on the tape?
6. I read his comments in the blog yesterday.
7. All the information is kept on this disc.
8. «Are you working on a computer or are you playing computer games, Steve?» mother asked.
9. «Where did you find this wonderful music?» — In the Internet.
b) Make your own sentences with the new words. See p. 10.
I think that electronic media are more popular than print media nowadays. The news is usually broadcasted every thirty minutes. I think that publishing business is not up-to-date. A lot of people keep their information on special Internet resources but not on discs or tapes.
8. Speak in class. Talk about modern electronic and print media. Whiсh of those help you to get to know the news quickly?
We live in the 21th century and the development of different technology is very fast. Nowadays we can talk about print media as well as electronic ones. I think that electronic media are more popular because we can use the Internet almost everywhere and the list of the news usually gives us information about the most important events of the day. And you can find almost anything you want or you need in the Internet. And if we compare print media and electronic media newspapers and magazines are more expensive than electronic Internet magazines or newspapers.
9. Write a list of questions about the press you want to get the answers to while working on the topic “Mass Media: the Press”.
1. What is more preferable nowadays: electronic newspapers or print newspapers?
2. Why do people read the press every day?
3. Is it possible to live without the press nowadays?
4. Do you read any particular magazine every month?
5. Would you like to be a magazine editor?

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