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Unit 5. Lesson 16. Grammar Revision
1. Order the words to write sentences.
1. Great Britain consists of four parts.
2. I have never been to Scotland.
3. I am staying at the Hilton Hotel.
4. I was in London last year.
5. My friends sometimes invite me to spend my holidays with them in London.
6. I do not go to the south every year.
7. The Severn is the longest river in Great Britain.
2. Write negative sentences.
1. You will not see your friends before you leave Kyiv.
2. I am not going to stay in Lviv for a month.
3. I have not visited the famous park in Uman.
4. Do not find a few pictures of the Carpathians.
5. There are not many rivers in the place where I live.
6. We did not learn about the geographical position of Ukraine at the last lesson.
3. Write questions to the words in bold.
1. Why do boys like football?
2. When can they go cycling in the Carpathians?
3. What school championship has our team won?
4. Who is travelling around Western Ukraine now?
5. What stories did my granddad use to tell me?
6. Where has Mary been swimming for an hour?
p. 150, ex. 5. Read the text about the traditional dance in Ukraine. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.
Ukrainian musical culture has its roots in the ancient Slavic music. As a result, most Ukrainian music and dance are associated with the folk calendar, harvest, and life-cycle events. My life-cycle songs, especially wedding songs are based on dance rhythms. One of the examples of such a dance is *Arcan* («The Lasso*). The Ukrainian music is played on the violin, tsymbaly, kobza, bandura, turban, and bagpipes.
Many of the dynamic and colourful folk dances of Ukraine reflect a rural or Cossack lifestyle. The oldest dances are the khorovody, the agricultural dance games which are associated with the cult of the sun. Originally, folk dances are either accompanied by songs or by instruments.
Introduced in the late 18'h century, classical ballet developed under the European influence and attained high standards. Ukraine has six theatres for opera and ballet performances.

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