ГДЗ Англійська мова 7 клас. Зошит для контролю [Ходаковська О.О.] 2016

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Test 1. My Family and Friends
Variant 1
1. Listen and circle the correct answer.
1) Where do my grandparents live?
a) In Lviv.
(b) ln Kyiv.
c) In Chernihiv.
2) Whose parents often visit us?
(a) My mother's.
b) My father's.
c) My cousin's.
3) What do I usually do with my grandparents?
(a) Walk.
b) Go to the cinema.
c) Play.
2. Underline the correct variant.
1) I wash the (dishes)/furniture.
2) My mother maps/(cooks) the dishes.
3) Would you please (set)/sit the table?
4) He sweeps the door/(floor).
5) My father does the (laundry)/lawn.
6) We (iron)/dust the clothes.
7) She (vacuums)/waters the carpet.
3. Write the correct question tags.
1) I am not so fast as you, (aren't)?
2) She sets the table well, (doesn't)?
3) He has a lot of books, (hastn't)?
4) You sweep the floor very fast, (don't)?
5) She doesn't like gardening, (does she)?
6) You can't help him, (can you)?
7) You can swim well, (can't you)?
4. Write a small paragraph about the chores in your house. Who does the most work?
Everyone in my famile Kas personal hausehold cheres my usually cooks and wash diehes. I help her. My father vacums and fixes things. As her me. I usualy wast the furneture, water the plants, tiaypmy, go shopping with my father, and take out the Citter.

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