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Starting Up

Play - cards, football, games, tennis.

Take - photographs a walk.

go - fishing, swimming, dancing, water sking, camping sighseeing.

2. Write one sentence with each expression from Task 1 about your last summer holidays.

1) I took a lot pf photographs last summer.

2) I played cards with my driends last summer.

3) I took a long walk with my driends.

4) I went swimming with my parents.

5) S went dansing on Saturday last summer.

6) I didn't play footbal last summer.

7) I player tennis with my dad kast summer.

8) I didn't go sighseeing last summer.

9) I went compling with my classmates.

10) I didn't go finish last summer.

11) I played computer games last summer.

12) I didn't go water skiing last summe.

3 Fill in the text with the right form of the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple or present simple.


Once again I stayed (stay) with my grandparents at the seaside for three weeks. I really didn't want (not want) to go but my parents made (make) me. I hated (hate) every minute of it.

It was (be) so boring. What did I do(do)?

Nothing much.

I went (go) swimming in the morning because. I could not (not, can) wait to get out of the house. I sunbathed (sunbathe) for a few days but then I got (get) this terrible allergy and had to (have to) stay out of the sun. I come (come) home at noon because my grandma insisted (insist) on it. We had (have) lunch quite early. Then they watched (watch) TV and I listened (listen) to music. On my discman, of course. I never went (go) dancing or played (play) any sports. I only had to (have to) play cards with them. For hours at a time. That was one thing they truly enjoyed (enjoy). Sometimes my grandad and i went (go) fishing. That was (be) OK, except he kept (keep) telling stupid stories and I got (get) fed up after some time.

You see, my grandparents are (be) quite old, but not so bad actually

But they Live (live) on a small island where there are (be) no young people. They enjoy (enjoy) the peace and quiet but it drives (drive) me crazy. I want (want) to go out and meet people. Holidays are (be) supposed to be fun, right? How can (can) I make my parents see that? Do you have (have) any idea?

4 Write about a very interesting holiday you have had. If you have never had one, make things up.

Last winter i had an unforgettable holidays. It was Cristmas and i went in Lviv with my family. We visited a lot of interesting and historecal sights. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas on Ranok. There were different perfomances? fireshas and bright colourful new year exposures.

5. Sort out the two stories (numbers 1 -12) as quickly as you can.


A suprise Sweden

1, 5, 6, 9, 11


The big brother

2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12.

6 Fill in the words from the box and tell about the pupils below.


Our English lessons are always such fun! There's a great atmosphere in the classroom. I sit next to mv best friend Karen. Both my parents speak English well, so they help me with my homework when I've got problems with it. I actually think English is my favourite subject.


I try to read lots of books and newpapers in English to help me with my studies of English. To know English well I have to do a lot of the work myself. But I'm quite good at studying and I like English, so that's okay. My dream is to become an international football star, so my English has to be quite good!


I had a great summer holiday. But I'm happy to go back to school now. I want to see my friends and teachers again. I go to a language school. I'm in the 8th form now, so we're starting a new year and beginning to prepare for the exam at the end. I hope I'll be able to pass it very well!

7 Complete the advertisement with the correct form of the words from the box.

lesson • revision • break • subject • timetable • course • report

STUDY ENGLISH IN ENGLAND at The London School of English

one- and two-week summer course. for all ages

Revision classes for students about to take exams

fun, varied timetable : lessons every morning, trips and sports every afternoon

ten-minutes breaks every hour in the morning.

Report on students progress given at the end.

The London School of English — bringing the subject of English to Life!

8 Tick (v) the boxes that are true for you.

This year I would like to ...

v learn more words.

0 improve my spelling.

0 improve my pronunciation.

improve my listening skills,

0 so that I could understand songs in English.

v so that I could understand films in English.

0 so that I could play video games in English.

improve my speaking skills,

0 so that I could talk about different things.

v so that I could communicate with foreigners.

0 so that I could give reports.

0 so that I could retell stories.

improve my reading skills,

0 so that I could read stories in English.

0 so that I could read newspapers and magazines in English.

0 so that I could read comics in English

v so that I could read books in English.

0 so that I could use the Internet.

improve my writing skills,

v so that I could communicate with foreigners through emails, letters and postcards.

0 so that I could write stories in English.

0 so that I could fill in forms.

0 improve my communication skills, learn how to do projects in English.

0 learn how to make posters in English.

all these efforts will help me to improbe my English and become a fluent speaker. I will be able to visit different countries and make new friends all over the world.

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