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Unit 3. Lesson 1.

1. Circle an odd word in each group.

a. dictionary








c. poem



short story

d. textbook




2. Look at the kinds of books below and decide if it is fiction or non-fiction. Write 'F' or 'NF' next to each book.

1. a travel bookNF

2. a history bookNF

3. a cookery bookNF

4. a book about animalsNF

5. a detective storyF

6. a romantic novelF

7. a horror storyF

8. a science-fiction storyF

9. a historical novelNF

3. Match the titles of the books with the genre of fiction they represent.

1-g; 2-c; 3-b; 4-d;5-f; 6-e; 7-a; 8-h.

4. Think about a book you have read recently. Answer the questions in a written form.

1. What sort of book is it?

It is adventure novel “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe.

2. What is it about?

It is the story of a man who had been alone on a desert island for 28 years.

3. Why did you choose it?

Because I like adventures.

4. What did you like about it?

I liked the author’s style of description.

5. What didn't you like about it?

I did not like that Friday became Crusoe’s servant at the end.

5. Complete the sentences with ALWAYS, OFTEN, USUALLY, SOMETIMES, RARELY or NEVER. Make them true for you.

1. I never come to school at 6 o'clock.

2. I rarely talk to somebody about my problems.

3. I never break things at school.

4. I always get upset when other children break things on purpose.

5. I usually read books that are on the reading list.

6. I often borrow books from the school library.

7. I sometimes feel lonely.

8. I sometimes get good marks in maths.

9. I always study for longer than an hour at a time.

10. I rarely have more than 6 periods.

11. I'm sometimes late for school.

12. My parents always work long hours.

13. My teachers are never unfair.

14. I never get marks I don't deserve.

6. Put the adverbs in brackets in the right place in the sentence. How do these children choose their books?

1. Teo looks at the title and the cover. (sometimes)

Teo sometimes looks at the title and the cover.

2. Mia asks the librarian for help. (usually)

Mia usually asks the librarian for help.

3. Tony takes a book by a writer he likes. (often)

Tony often takes a book by a writer he likes.

4. Ann reads the first chapter to see what it is like. (rarely)

Ann rarely reads the first chapter to see what it is like.

5. Kate listens to her friend’s opinion. (often)

Kate often listens to her friend’s opinion.

6. Tony reads books that aren't on the reading list. (never)

Tony never reads books that aren't on the reading list.

7. Fill in the sentences with the words from the box.


1. She's fond of fantasy books.

2. I don't know this word. Let's look it through in the dictionary.

3. Look at the pictures in your book. What can you see?

4. She often flicks out fashion magazines.

5. I don't know which book to pick up of them seem interesting.'

8. Listen about Alan Milne and complete the biography chart below.


1882 – Alan Milne was born on January, 18.

1893 – He went to Cambridge University and became editor.

1906 – He joined the staff of the Punch magazine.

1914 – He left the Punch magazine and went to war.

1917 – His first play was produced in London.

1919 – He completed the 1st book and several plays.

1920 – He began to work on a collection of poems for children.

1923 – The poem “When we were young” was published.

1924 – He wrote “Winnie-the-Poor”.

1926 – Milne’s autobiography was published.

1939 – He died.

9. Complete the sentences with your own ideas.

1. For school, I have to read books about school life and education.

2. I prefer reading science fiction.

3. I'm not very keen on adventure novels.

4. I'm very interested in historical novels.

5. I enjoy finding out about past times and people who lived at that times.

6. like the kind of magazines which have a lot of interesting information.

10. Fill in the library form.




HOME ADDRENauke Avenue


EMAILTom_ Smith@gmail.com


\/ I would like to receive a monthly newsletter on new books.


I am interested in ...












11. Circle the correct answer.

1. A group of sentences about the same idea is called

Aa title.

(B) a paragraph.

2. You use it for looking up words you don't know. It's a

(A) dictionary;

B textbook.

3. You usually flick through a

(A) magazine.


4. The outside part of a book is called a

(A) cover.

B chapter.

5. Books about events that take place in the future are called

(A) non-fiction.

BScience fiction.

6. A book that you study from is called a


(B) textbook.

7. You

Alend a book from the library

(B) borrow

but you

(A) lend your favourite book to your friend.

B borrow

12. Put in the missing letters.

1 .The Lord of the Rings is a


2. Cinderella is a


3. Poirot is a detective in Agatha Christie's


4. The book about Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn is an


13 Read the questions. Then listen to the conversation on pages 132-133 of your SB and tick) 'Yes' or 'No'.

1- Yes; 2- No; 3- No; Yes; 4- No; 5- No; 6- No; 7- No.

14. Complete the following sentences with the prepositions from the box.

by • in • from • with • of • on • to • up • for • at

1. Books are a wonderful source of knowledge.

2. Nowadays books sell for large numbers.

3. I borrowed this book from the library.

4. The librarian said the book was Pit on the top shelf.

5. I read it in a book.

6. Do you like to lend books to your friends?

7. Hamlet' is a tragedy by Shakespeare.

8. I'd like to relax with a good book for the rest of the day.

9. You'll have to look up the meaning in a dictionary.

10. I believe that reference books should be at every home.

15. Read the text and choose the correct word for each blank.

A Book I Recommend

I found 'Escape from Time' by Andy Treen very exciting and I really (1) enjoyed reading it. It's a story (2) about a boy called Troy who goes on a journey to (3) look for his friend Zyra. It wasn't what I had expected, although I am interested (4) in science fiction. I thought this story would be like films I had seen, but I (5) realized after a few pages that it was (6) more interesting than a film.

Troy goes to many places and times. He (7) shares his knowledge with different (8) kinds of people and learns new skills from them. Then he moves on. The last part of the book (9) describes the meeting between Troy and Zyra when they are both caught by some space criminals from the future. But that's enough information from me (10) because I don't want to spoil it for you. It's really quite (11 ) funny too, with some excellent jokes about time travel in it.

1. (a) enjoyed)
b) about
c) amused
d) delighted
2. a) from
(b) about)
c) on
d) with
3. a)ask
b) follow
(c) look)
d) find
4. a) by
b) with
c) of
d) in
5. a) explained
(b) realized)
c) showed
d) believed
6. a) even
(b) more)
c) much
d) too
7. a) divides
b) joins
(c) shares)
d) adds
8. (a) kinds)
b) variety
c) range
d) qualities
9. a) shows
b) discovers
(c) describes)
d) says
10. a) when
(b) because)
c) if
d) unless
11. (a)funny)
b) sad
c) shocking
d) frightening

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