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Lessons 5–6. My Favourite TV Programme
1. You are going to listen to the text about the first television programmes for children in the USA. Look at the photos before you listen to the text. Try to guess the answers to the following questions.
The first children’s television channel, America’s Nickelodeon was launched in April 1979 as a part of the basic cable television service in the United States. With its motto of «Kids first» Nickelodeon aimed to broadcast a variety of age-specific children’s programmes. Its introduction was motivated by dissatisfaction with the current.
state of American children’s programming: public television was constrained by financial uncertainty, and the three commercial networks offered a diet of little more than conventional cartoons interspersed with advertising. Nickelodeon soon grew to become the American channel child viewers watched most, and its programmes are now shown in 162 countries and regions around the world.
The first programmes include only cartoons to entertain children. 
2. Listen to the text and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.
3. Look through the Oprah Winfrey Show title card. Answer the questions given below.
1) Talk Show;
2) by Oprah Winfrey;
3) Oprah Winfrey;
4) the USA;
5) 60 minutes;
6) on September 8, 1986.
4. Read the article about The Oprah Winfrey Show. Five sentences have been removed from the text. Put the sentences (A–F) into the correct gaps (1–5). There is one sentence, which you don’t need.
8. Think of a programme you have seen recently. Write down a review of this programme.
Watching television is very exciting for me, I am fond of different kinds of TV programmes. I enjoy watching «Oryol&Reshka» because I am keen on travelling. I take pleasure in watching splendid journeys to different countries. Recently I have seen the programme about London. I had read much about London before. But when I was watching the programme I was amazed how fascinating this city was. The main sights of interest impressed me too. The plot of the programme was exciting or even thrilling. The excursion was startling with a lot of information. The presenter was experienced and behaved well in unknown situations. I liked the programme very much.
I am looking forward to watching a new programme because it is a great pleasure to get acquainted with new places in the world.

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