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Lesson 9. Test Your Skills
1. Read the text about Cambridge. Fill in the gaps with the gerunds.
1) coming;
2) having;
3) travelling;
4) sightseeing;
5) admiring;
6) visiting.
2. Read the texts about the famous British cities (1–4) and match them to the photos (A–D) on p. 139.
3. You’ve read about the cities of Great Britain (Ex. 2). Which cities do the sentences given below refer to? Fill in the information about them. There are two extra sentences. Can you guess what cities they are about?
1. Great Britain, It is Glasgow.
2. Port, Capital of Culture. It is Liverpool.
3. Great Britain, Westminster Abbey. It is London.
4. Bath.
5. On the south coast, for a drive of old cars from London.
6. Scotland. It is Edinburgh.
4. Listen to Miss Alison talking about Oxford. Read and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.
5. Work in small groups. Talk about the university towns of Cam bridge and Oxford. Use the questions given below as a plan.
1. Cambridge is situated about 70 km north of London. Oxford is situated in South East England.
2. The city’s population in Cambridge is about 110,000 including 22,000 students. The population of Oxford is 151,000.
3. Cambridge was first mentioned in about 40 A. D. Oxford was mentioned in written records of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles for the year of 912.
4. Due to Castle Hill from which it was possible to defend Cambridge from the River Cam, William the Conqueror built a castle on Castle Hill in 1068. Receiving a charter from King Henry II, granting its citizens the same privileges as those enjoyed by the capital of the kingdom influenced the development of Oxford.
5. The Cambridge University, King’s college and King’s college Chapel, Queen’s College and the Mathematical Bridge, Museums of Cambridge, Technology, and Science, Trinity College attract tourists in Cambridge. Oxford Castle, Christ Church College, Christ Church Cathedral, Sheldonian Theatre and Radcliffe Square attract tourists in Oxford.
6. You’ve just returned from your school trip, which you enjoyed a lot.
You’re planning to invite your English friend, Alan/Elizabeth, to Ukraine and now you’ve decided to take him/her for the same trip.
Write a letter of about 100–120 words to Alan/Elizabeth including the following points:
• where you have been;
• what you have seen;
• what the weather was like;
• how you liked the food;
• what you enjoyed most about the trip;
• invite him/her to Ukraine.

Dear Alan! Hello! How are you? I hope you are well. I have just returned from my school trip to Great Britain which I enjoyed a lot. First, I would like to tell you that I have visited England. I liked the journey very much because it was interesting and exciting to visit different places especially London . In London we had a sightseeing bus tour. It was wonderful to see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Tower and Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. By the way, the weather was sunny and warm enough and we had some walks along the streets in London.
Second, we lived in a comfortable hotel in the centre of the city. We had a real English breakfast at a hotel and we enjoyed it. I want to add that I tasted fish and chips. It was delicious.
In conclusion, I would like to say that my trip to Great Britain was marvelous and I want to invite you to visit my country. I live in Kharkiv and my country is rich in places of interest and I plan to go to Kyiv with you. It is the capital of my country and it is situated on the picturesque banks of the river Dnieper. You can get acquainted with lots of sights of interest in Kyiv. I will show you Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra, St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew Church and others. I expect you enjoy your staying in Ukraine. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes, Ivan.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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