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Reading time (Pages 88 - 96)
1. Put the words into the correct box.
brown yellow towel pillow down show clowns window
- now brown towel down clowns
- know yellow pillow show window
2. Use five of the words above to complete the sentences.
I love the colours brown and yellow. My swimming towel is those colours and the pillow and blanket on my bed are too. I'm lying on my bed, reading a book about some clowns in a circus. It's a very funny story.
3. Read about Matviy. What's his favourite hobby?
I go swimming three afternoons every week and, of course, I always do my homework. I always read in the evening and at the weekend, I sometimes read in the morning too. I rarely watch TV and I never play computer games. My family and friends usually give me books for my birthday. I usually finish a book in two or three days and I often go to the bookshop or library in town.
His favourite hobbi is reading.
1. Write the letters e and a in the words.
The market squ are is really near the bus station.
Is the pet shop upst airs or downstairs in the shopping centre?
2. Read the text. Find the words from Activity 1.
QR codes
Museums, shopping centres and many other attractions around the world use QR codes to help visitors. People scan QR codes using their mobile phone. The code can give directions or information. For example, it can tell where the nearest toilets are or if the toy shop is upstairs or downstairs.
To read QR codes, you need a QR code reader. It's easy to share a lot of information in different languages, including pictures, text and links. The good thing is that QR codes are very cheap and easy to use. The letters QR mean 'Quick Response', which is a good name for what they do!
centre, upstairs, downstairs, near
2. Read the text again. Complete the three sentences using the
words from the text in Activity 2.
places (museums, snapping centres and many other attractions)
1 You can see QR codes in lots of different like shopping centres and museums.
2 Inside a big shopping centre, some shops can be upstairs or downstairs.
3 To read a QR code, you need a QR code reader. QR codes help to share a lot of information !
1. Underline the silent letters in the words. Say the words.
2. How many of the words from Activity 1 can you find in these sentences?
Listen! Don't put the biscuits in the wrong cupboard. Put the biscuits in the white cupboard. I'm going to put the juice and sandwiches in the fridge.
listen, biscuits, cupboard, white, juice
3. Find two more words with silent letters in the sentences above. Say the sentences,
(w)rong, fri(d)ge
Read the text. Write where Fleur’s going to go and the order she's going to visit the places.
I need to buy some dog biscuits today. Fido doesn't like the biscuits they have at the supermarket, so I'm going to go to that pet shop in the shopping centre. But first, I'm going to go to the market to get some tomatoes and oranges. After those two places, I'm going to go to the library and see if I can find some ideas for cooking carrots. We have lots of carrots in the garden this year. I'm going to drink lots of carrot
juice! Then, I'm going to meet my friend Susie for a sandwich at the Bistro Cafe. Oh, but before I meet Susie, I must go to the bookshop and buy her a present!
She's going to go to: market, pet shop, library, cafe, bookshop
1. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
1 The weather today is going to be fantastic! It's hot and sun / (sunny). There are no (coulds) / cloudy in the sky. I love the (sun) / sunny, but I like clouds / (cloudy) weather sometimes too.
2 I'm going to wear my (boots) / umbrella and (raincoat) / umbrella today because on the TV, they said it's going to (rain) / rainy. I don't need an raincoat / (umbrella) those clothes on.
3 On the TV, they said that this evening there's going to be (thunderstorm) / lightning and some thunderstorm / (lightning) too. But I'm not scared!
2. Read Dylan and Ruby's messages. Where are they going to go on
Hi Dylan! I'm ready for my Mexican holiday. My bag is full! I've got my big towel, swimming costume and goggles. Mum gave me a book to read and I've got some new games to play on my tablet.
Hi Ruby! Your Mexican holiday sounds great! My bag is really full too! I've got lots of caps, shorts, T - shirts and my tennis shoes. I love the summer sports camp. I'm taking some snacks and sweets for our midnight picnics!
Dylan - summer sports camp
3. Read the messages again. Write sentences about the things that Ruby and Dylan are going to do.
Ruby's going to go on Mexican holiday. He is going to swim, read a book and play games.
Dylan's going to summer sports camp. He is going to play tennis.
1. Write the letters i and у to complete the text.
Sydney is the capital city of Australia. Guangzhou, the sister city of Sydney, is not the capital city of China, but it is the third biggest city in the country. Gardeners and architects from Ghuanzhou designed a park in Sidney, which opened in 1988 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sidney and the friendship between the two cities.
2. Read Stella's email. Which of the cities is she visiting?
Dear Mum and Dad,
It's now 9.30 pm, and I'm sending you this email before I get into bed. I'm so tired and sleepy! Today was a very busy day! This morning at 8.30, we took a ferry from Prymont Bay to Darling Harbour. It took twenty minutes and because it was very sunny, it wasn't cold on the boat. We went under Harbour Bridge and around the Opera House (but we didn't go inside because we were on the boat of course!) When we got to Darling Harbour, we went into the Sydney Aquarium because we had tickets for 9.15. There were some amazing animals in that place.
Good night, Stella
3. Read the text again. Write the times that Stella did these things.
1 - She caught the ferry at 8.30 am
2 - The ferry arrived at Darling Harbour at 8.50 am
3 - They started their visit to the Sydney Aquarium at 9.15 am
2. Read the story. Where is Brian?
It was a sunny day, so I woke up early, but I didn't get up for about thirty minutes. I stayed inside the tent and listened to the birds singing. We went into the river to have a wash because there was no shower or bathroom there, of course! After breakfast, we walked along the side of the river because we wanted to see the lake at the end of it. We saw lots of animals there. Lizards, frogs and a duck family. It was really beautiful and there was a small island in the middle of the lake. We didn't have a boat, so we couldn't go there.
in the forest / at a summer camp
3. Complete the sentences about the story.
1 - Brian didn't get up for about thirty minutes because he listened to the birds singing.
2 - They wanted to have a wash because there was no shower or bathroom there.
3 - They wanted to see the lake, so they walked along the side of the river
4 - There were lots of animals and they saw lizards, frogs and a duck family.
5 - There was an island in the middle of the lake, but they couldn't go there.
1. Say the three words. Circle the word that doesn’t sound the same.
1 - nurse - (Horse) - worse
2 - (three) - thirty - first
3 - hurts - shirts - (sports)
4 - words - (records) - birds
5 - turn - learn - (born)
2. Which words from Activity 1 can you find in the text?
Hello! My name's Yevgeniia. Let me tell you about our school sports day. It's always very exciting and this year, it's going to be really special because Borysko, the TV nurse, is going to be there. He's going to teach us how to warm up and stretch.
Our class team is very strong because there are some students who are very good at handball and volleyball. I can't play or score goals this year because my foot hurts, but I think we can win some prizes. In the morning, I'd like to play in the chess competition and at three - thirty, I'd like to be in the swimming race. My classmates are going to wear purple shirts with the words 'Thirsty birds' on them. That's the name of our team!
sports, nurse, hurts, three - thirty, shirts, words, birds
3. Read the text again and write who is going to do each thing.
1 - The TV nurse Borysko is going to come to the school sports day.
2 - Yevgeniia would like to be in the swimming race.
3 - Yevgeniia's classmates are going to wear purple T - shirts.
1. Read the text. Which constellations have animal names?
Look up at the sky at night and you can see lots of animals! Yes, animals! More than forty constellations (groups of stars) have animal names. Ursa Major, (which means the Great Bear) is one of the biggest constellations in the sky. It has thirteen stars. The brightest star in it is called Alioth. You can also find Ursa Minor, the Smaller Bear, in the sky near Ursa Major. You can find other constellations with animal names in the sky too: Leo and Leo Minor (Lion and Little Lion) and Canis Major and Canis Minor (Big dog and Little dog). Now. a question for you: Which animals are Cygnus and Camelopardalis? They both have long necks, but the Camelopardalis's neck is the longest! Cygnus is a bird. Which animals are they?
Ursa Major (bear), Leo and Leo Minor (lion), Canis Major and Canis Minor (dog)
2. Find th and st words in the text. Then write them.
th - Alioth the, with, they, both
st - constellations, stars, brightest, question
1. Write box, pair or piece on the lines.
1 - a box of treasure
2 - a box of sweets
3 - a piece of bread
4 - a pair of glasses
5 - a piece of paper
6 - a box of pencils
7 - a piece of banana
8 - a pair of shoes
2. Read the messages. Whose are these things - Frank or Julia's?
Hi Frank! I loved my birthday party yesterday! I'm carrying the beach bag that you gave me because I'm going to the swimming pool. I'm going to swim with my new goggles! I'm wearing the sunglasses that mum gave me because it’s really sunny.
- a pair of sunglasses
- a bag of swimming things
- a pair of goggles
Hi Julia! I loved your party yesterday! You got a lot of great presents! My aunt is coming to our house today because she's here on holiday with my little cousin. I've got some puzzles and some films ready because my cousin Andy loves those thing After lunch, we are going to the park. I'm taking my rollerblades with me!
- a pair of rollerblades
- a box of puzzles
- a box of movies

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