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Unit 3. Environment and Greener Living
Lessons 1–2. Environmental Protection
5. Find a word or a phrase in the paragraphs that has the opposite meaning to each of these words and phrases. Read the sentences with them.
1) end/clear up;
2) clean;
3) the urban development;
4) to end up;
5) to cut something down.
6. Listen to the children talking about environmental problems. Complete the sentences.
1. past industrial activities.
2. waste and rubbish.
3. major concern.
4. a lack of care over industrial and waste management.
5. stop destroying the world protect.
7. Read and act out the dialogue. Add examples from your personal life experience.
(suggested answers)
Ivan: You know people throw away millions of tons of rubbish every year. I think now, we haven’t got enough places to put it. If we don’t do something soon, rubbish will be everywhere — on the ground, in the sea and perhaps in space.
Olenka: The problem with rubbish is that it is ugly and it smells bad. It can also harm people, animals, plants and trees. Some things we throw away in our rubbish bins can poison our soil, water and air.
Ivan: We can do a lot to help save our environment. We can recycle many things like newspapers, magazines, journals and wrapped paper. We can also use some rubbish such as vegetable or fruit peelings to make compost. If we all try to do the best to save our planet, the amount of rubbish will reduce.
9. In recent decades we have become more aware of all the problems that humans have created for the Earth. Acid rains, the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the ozone layer and deforestation are only some of them.
Write about a recent event that has caused environmental damage. Have a look through newspapers or use the Internet if you have access to it. You can work as a group to produce a wall display of recent events while you are studying this unit.

I would like to tell you about the Chernobyl disaster. It was a nuclear reactor accident in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine in 1986. It is considered to be the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history and the only level 7instance on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The explosion was dangerous because nuclear power technology produces materials that are active in emitting radiation and are therefore called ‘radioactive’. Chernobyl explosion damaged the environment around badly. Fallout levels were very high right around explosion and affected all wildlife. The forest right by the plant was named ‘red forest’ because plants changed colour after explosion and the trees also died from the amount of radiation they had received. The Chernobyl catastrophe cause many other problems. Farmers had to watch the radiation level in milk. Fish couldn’t be eaten, as water absorbed radiation and fats concentrated it. Radioactive floods started every spring. Economy around the Chernobyl explosion suffered too. Crops were destroyed, livestock was killed, everywhere was radiation. It was lost 1/5 farming lands and 350 industries were lost due to the disaster. The government took care of the people living there. Over 235 billion dollars has been spent to clean up the disaster and between 300,000 and 600,000 people were brought in to clean-up area.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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