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Lessons 6–7. SOS: Endangered Species!
1. b) Listen to the environmentalist talking about the endangered species of animals and complete the sentences.
1) a species whose population is so small that it is in danger of becoming extinct;
2) protection to these species (forbidding, banning their habitats from development) to prevent this;
3) an indicator of the likelihood of the endangered species continuing to survive;
4) assessing the conservation status of species.
2. Work in small groups. Discuss the questions.
1) Animal protection is very important nowadays because the animals need to be cared about and many animal species are in danger of extinction.
2) Different factors threaten' their existence. First of all, it is a habitat destruction and fragmentation. Then, for the animals is very dangerous a national and international hunt and trade. And environment pollution is also influences their extinction.
3) I can give an example of list endangered animals. They are an African wild dog, an Amur leopard, an Asian elephant, a Blue whale, a Black rhino, an orangutan, a giant panda, a Galbpagos sea lion, a Galbpagos penguin and many others.
4) I believe that it will be better for endangered species of animals to be bred up in the wild but at the same time the people should take care of them.
5) In some cases there are convenient zoos and it is a very comfortable place for the animals to live. But I know many zoos which look like a prison for animals. It is not enough place to have spacious enclosures to keep animals free and they can’t move or play and the conditions are not natural for their adaption. And the animals suffer there.
6) I am sure that the most popular pet nowadays is a dog.
7) There are some organizations throughout the world, which try to save the animals for future. They are International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Defenders of Wildlife and many others.
3. Work in groups. You are going to read the children’s letters to the editor of a youth magazine. What endangered species of animals do the children write about?
The children have written about a orangutan and a tiger.
4. Read and say if the statements are true or false.
5. Look at the pictures and match them with the words. Which of these animals would you most like to save?
a — a sea lion; b — a kiwi; c — polar bear; d — a panda; e — a kangaroo; f — a sea cow; g — an African elephant; h — a giant turtle.
I would like to save African elephants most of all because it is biggest and strongest pure vegetarian wild animal which lives in forest. It is grey in colour. Generally elephant is a peaceful animal. But sometimes it gets angry and becomes danger to humans. When it becomes angry, it can destroy everything and may kill the people. Children like the elephant very much in the comparison of other wild animals. Even it has funny and strange body. It is a four-footed animal which has two small eyes, big ears like a fan, huge body, big stomach, a mouth with a long trunk and a small tail. His legs are very strong which looks like strong pillars. His body skin is very thick and rough. Its thick skin protect from the thorns. It has two very beautiful white tusks. It eats green leaves, grasses, bushes, small plants, tree barks, fruit, sugarcane, roots, etc. Its trunk plays important role in feeding and drinking water.
8. Write a letter to a newspaper about saving one of the endangered species of animals in the place where you live or about the one from Ex. 5. Use the information on pp. 284–285.
I would like to tell you about saving one of the endangered species from the photo. It is a bison. Today human intolerance prevents bison from regaining their native habitat, and only a very small number of genetically pure wild bison are allowed to exist in small, select areas. Some efforts to stop the slaughter of wild bison and restore them to more places across there should be done. The ecologists also work to educate the public about the important role that bison plays in forest ecosystems. The government and nature lovers should take some measures to protect threatened and endangered species of bison for generations to come. Scientists tell us the best way to protect endangered species of bison is to protect the special places where they live. Wildlife must have places to find food, shelter and raise their young.

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