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Lessons 4–5. It’s Up to People!
3. b) Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.
1) Almost three-quarters of the land in England and Wales is used for food production.
2) This figure is falling gradually at the moment.
3) The varied geology and climate across England and Wales influence the soils and vegetation.
4) The last regular land cover survey of Great Britain showed that in England and Wales 26 % covered by grassland and 33 % tilled for crops.
5) Urban development can effect the biological and physical properties of soil. It can limit its future uses because of building more and more buildings on the agricultural land.
6) Some measures were taken by the responsible authorities to reduce impact of farming on the environment.
4. Match the words (1–8) with their definitions (a–h).
5. Complete the sentences with the words from Ex. 4.
1) wildlife;
2) habitat;
3) vegetation;
4) reduce;
5) property;
6. environment;
7) predict;
8) farmland.
6. Read and say if the statements are true or false. Correct the false ones.
a) Listen to the dialogue between Steve and Tom. Read the list and say what things they have mentioned in the discussion.
b) Say whose point of view you support. Explain why.

Steve has mentioned a new road, expensive properties and a new supermarket. Tom has mentioned farmland and a wildlife.
9. Change the sentences from the Active Voice into the Passive Voice.
1. This waterfall is always admired by holidaymakers.
2. The beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians was discovered by Dan last year.
3. An article about the thriving wildlife of the UK will be written by the journalist.
4. The environmental problems are being discussed by the pupils.
5. The physical properties of soil has been influenced the development of industry in this area.
6. Are the habitats being lost by more and more animals from year to year?

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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