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Lesson 3. What is Fly-tipping?
1. When you throw something away, it can stay in the ground for a long time. A glass bottle stays in the ground for a million years. Do you think about this when you throw things away?
Work in pairs. Read and match the parts (1–5) with the parts (a–e).

5. Look through the text again and complete the statements.
1) the illegal dumping of rubbish;
2) significant amounts of money to clean the rubbish away;
3) fly-tipping;
4) waste disposal sites;
5) it may contain broken glass, toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances;
6) they will take necessary measures.
7. Write about the place where you live. What do you do to protect the environment?
(suggested essay)
How do we protect the environment we live To start with, it should be noted that there are some environment issues in our country and our city nowadays. I suppose, that the most typical problems for the world are global warming, air, land and water pollution. For example, the people pollute the environment themselves. The factories and plants emit harmful gases and chemicals and it causes the greenhouse effect and acid rains. Besides, the forests are disappearing because they are cut down or burnt by a man. The birds, animals and plants suffer from that and there are instinct and endangered species. What is more, the rivers are filled with poisonous industrial wastes and pesticides and it leads to the lack of water. There is a long list of environmental problems connecting with our country and our city which need to be solved. Furthermore, we must save our environment because it is our home. I think, my classmates and I are friendly to the environment. We try to plant mew trees and clean the area around our school, to pick up litter and burn it. We never throw our waste into the rivers or on the ground.
In addition, I should say that the government of our country and the authorities of our city should start to recycle waste more effectively. It should be reduced more harmful factories because they pollute air and water. They should set purifying systems to protect rivers from spoilt water. In conclusion, I would like to say that we try to do the best to avoid the disaster threatens the natural world. We should join and support as soon as possible various international organizations and ‘green’ parties to save our city and our country from environmental catastrophe. If everybody cares, it would make difference.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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