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Lessons 1-2. Back to School
1. Look at the photos and talk about them. What do they remind you of?
The picture A reminds me out a holiday at the seaside. Those days were wonderful, amazing and unforgettable. My holidays were exciting and full of joy. The weather was nice. The sun was shining brightly. The sky was cloudless and clear. We swam and bathed a lot in warm water of the sea. We played water games and dove. Sometimes we went boating or even sailing. It was pleasant and marvelous. I dream to visit the seaside again.
The picture B reminds me out of a perfect holidays at the summer camp. It was a real fun. We slept in tents, sat by the fire with friends, cooked potatoes and sang songs to the guitar. I met a lot of new friends. We had a lot to do at the camp because it was exciting and thrilling. Every day we enjoyed something special — games, carnivals, competitions, performances. We had discos every night, but not too long. Being'at the summer camp gave me bright impressions, lots of funny photos and some new friends.
2. Listen and read the dialogue. Say why the pupils think this school year is different from those they’ve had before.
The pupils think this year is different from those ones they have had before because this year is an important stage to mature life. This year requires a serious approach to getting knowledge and improving previous skills and experience. This year is going to be complicated because the pupils should prepare for the first final exams. The pupils should pay much attention to self — study and attend optional courses. The pupils should be more hard-working to gain success and concentrate more on subjects they need for their future professions.
3. Read the statements. Use the information from the dialogue to comment on them.
1. I agree that this year at school is especial because it is the start to realize why you are studying at school and what tasks you need to solve to choose the way to your future life. This year might be different because you should prepare for the first exams in your life.
2. This year is going to be significant for you but you should combine your time of doing your homework and care about your leisure time activities. Be healthy and do the best to learn well is the most intelligent solution for the ninth former.
3. I quite agree with this statement that it is important to organize your own learning. You should plan to do more exercises in subjects you are not good to have good result in the end of the ninth form.
4. Everyone can become successful in all walks of life because only when you are a pupil of school you have opportunities to study well, to study subjects accurately and improve your knowledge.
6. Fill in the correct prepositions where they are necessary. Then make sentences with the phrases you get.
1 to;
2 in;
3 at;
4 to take /do a test;
5 in;
6 to pass/to fail a test;
7 to be bored with/of;
8 to skip classes;
9 to get your exams.
(Example of sentences)
1. Did you go to school in Paris?
2. He is always interested in English.
3. My friend is bad at Maths but he is good at History.
4. All candidates have to take a test.
5. To be bored with something means to be tired and impatient because you do not think something is interesting, or because you have nothing to do.
6. He skipped Chemistry class three times last month.
7. Put the names of the school facilities into the columns. Explain what they are used for. Say which of the facilities in the list you have or would like to have in your school.
for studyfor sportfor foodfor partiesother
a library
the Information Technology Classroom
a language laboratory
the Music Room
a science laboratory
a gymnasium
a football field
a swimming pool
a school canteen
 snack bar
a school assembly hallthe Art Studio
the secretary’s office
A library is used to find out necessary magazines, newspapers, reference books, dictionaries and books. A language laboratory is usually used to practice English and improve pronunciation. A school assembly hall is used to organize meetings, conferences and thematic parties. The Art Studio is used for optional courses in Arts and have an art club for art lovers. The swimming pool is used for PE lessons and competitions in swimming and water polo.
8. a)Work in pairs. Choose the five most important characteristics of a good teacher and a good pupil and make a list of them.
a good teachera good pupil
• to set high standards
• to use a lot of different materials and equipment
• to help the pupils to organize their own learning
• to try to help where it is possible
• to make lessons interesting
• to maintain discipline and order
• remain up-to-date
• to keep a contact with the parents
friends and teachers
• to share his/her views with the others
• to work hard
• to openly admit the mistake
9. Write about your plans for this school year. Use the words and word combinations from Ex. 4 and 6. The questions given below can help you.
My Plans For This School Year
This school year is very important for me because I have got a lot of tasks this year. First of all, I should study hard all the year round to pass my final exams successfully. Secondly, I should plan my daily routine carefully to use time effectively. It is necessary for me to organize my own learning attending optional courses, reading more additional literature and reference books. Thirdly, I should take responsibility for my self-study because my success depends on it.
I want to add that I should be a good pupil. It means I should be hardworking all year round and always do my homework, read a lot and be ready to discuss different paragraphs and issues according to the programme. Speaking about my personal qualities it should be noted that I should be ambitious, emotionally stable and never lose temper, to be bright, quickwitted, cheerful and easy-going to be successful in learning. But I need to develop responsibility, reliability and readiness to help.
In conclusion, I would like to say that lam satisfied with my school I study at because my school is equipped with all necessary facilities. The teachers in most subjects are talented, experienced, skillful and well-qualified.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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