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Lessons 5–6. Hairstyle: Sophisticated? Smart? Extreme? … Cool!
b) Look at the the photos of hairstyles and say what you think of them. Use the phrases:
Look at the photo A. It’s great! She looks cool! Her appearance is pretty. Her parents like her hairstyle. She has had beautiful French braids.
Look at the photo B. I think it’s awful to have a strange haircut. I’d never do it!
c) Look and match the photos (A–D) to the names (1–4).
2. Read what the teens think about their hairstyles and match them to the photos (A–D) of Ex. 1c.
3. Read and say if the statements are true or false.
1 False;
2 True;
3 True;
4 True;
5 True;
6 True;
7 False.
a) Listen to the professional talking about different hairstyles. Say why the hairstyles change from time to time.
First of all, having a good haircut can do much to improve the person’s mood and confidence. If you are confident and you are in a good mood ,you can be successful and succeed in many jobs you try to do. You are attractive, good-looking and pretty. But the people have different opinions what kind or type of haircut may be classic. It is also can be different to identify the stylish haircut because the professional hairdressers have different point of view. I am sure that hairstyles are changing nowadays. They require hair fashion and the person looks stylish. In some cases hairstyle can impress the inner feelings of the person. However, most people choose suitable hairstyle which corresponds their appearance, type of a job and living conditions. It is also depends on the country where the person lives, the climatic conditions and living standards.
b) Listen to the text again and complete it with the words from the box given below.
1) hairstyle;
2) invention;
3) stylists;
4) unique;
5) colours;
6) involved;
7) machinery;
8) disappear;
9) pigtail;
10) safety;
11) attractiveness;
12) youth.
5. Look through the text of Ex. 4b. Find the synonyms for these words and expressions. Write them in your exercise book.
1) re-invention;
2) natural growths of the decade;
3) amateur;
4) keep as a variation;
5) artificial attachment;
6) extreme.
6. Work in groups. Discuss the questions with your friends.
Different hairstyles are popular among the teenagers in our country today. In general, the teenagers have such hairstyle which their parents have chosen for them. I mean they usually have classical style as a rule. Some hair styles have been existing for years and haven’t become old-fashioned. But there are some individuals who prefer being different and that’s why they often change their haircut, they can have colourful hair. The colour of hair can be different and may be changed once a year. They worry about staying in fashion with their hairstyle.
I should warn the teenagers no matter your chosen haircut or style, be realistic with your styling expectations before making the haircut.
8. Write about your friend. Describe his/her appearance and personality.
Let me introduce my friend Victor. He is sixteen and he studies at my school. His parents are office-workers. He is only a child in the family. He is a good pupil at school. He is interested in Chemistry and Biology and he dreams to enter the Medical University after leaving school. I know these subjects are very important for his future profession. He is a very intelligent, hard-working, cute and ambitious person. He studies a lot but when he is free we try to spend our time together. We meet and talk, dance and laugh, listen to modern music and do everything what is interesting for a teenager. We attend a sport club next to our house and go in for football. We sometimes play table tennis. Victor is a faithful friend and he is always ready to help everybody who needs. I’m happy to have such a good friend as Victor.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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