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Unit 1. My Magic Circle: Family and Friends
Lessons 1–2. Discover Yourself!
2. a)Read the list of adjectives. Say if the following characteristics are “positive” (+), “negative” (–), or depend on the context (C). Consult the dictionary if necessary. Then write the adjectives in three columns. Can you add other adjectives to the list?
positivenegativedepend on the content
brave, sociable, friendly, helpful, easy-going, courageous patient, tolerant, generous, sociable, intelligent, responsible, well-wishing, honest, easy-going, outgoing, inquisitive, decent.shy, ambitious, angry, indifferent, nervous, aggressive, selfish, obstinate.romantic, creative, relaxed, fun-loving, understanding, sensitive, determined.
b) Work in pairs. Discuss the results with your partner. Make sentences to illustrate your choice.
1) She is extremely intelligent because she finds it easy to learn things and has passed all her exams.
2) He always buys things for people. He is very generous.
3) My friend wants to get a top job one day. He is extremely ambitious.
4) My teacher is patient enough. He never shouts at us and will explain thing over and over again until we understand them.
5) She is so shy that she doesn’t like meeting strange people and usually feels nervous and uncomfortable at parties.
6) He is really selfish. He only ever thinks of himself.
3. Read the sentences given below. Find the adjective in Ex. 2 you think each sentence illustrates.
1) sociable/out-going;
2) intelligent;
3) ambitious;
4) brave/ courageous;
5) friendly/helpful;
6 obstinate.
a)Look at the photos. Talk about the children. How old are they? Where do you think they are from? Describe their appearance. What can you say about their character?
This is a girl. Her name is Emily. She is from Great Britain. She is fifteen. She isn’t short, she is tall enough. She is very pretty and attractive. She has got long brown hair and an oval face. Her eyes are dark. She has got a straight nose and pink lips. She is an intelligent, cheerful, decent and out-going person. She is very patient, she never gets angry with her friends. She is very kind but she is very shy.
This is a boy. His name is Brian. He is in Emily’s class at school. So he’s the same age as Emily. He is quite tall, about 1 m 65. He’s got short fair hair. His face is round. His eyes are dark brown. Brian has got a lot of good qualities. He is strong, brave and courageous. He’s very generous and friendly. He always gives money to charity and to their friends and he is always ready to help them. He only has two bad qualities. He’s quite lazy and he’s always late.
b) Read the essay. Who do you think has written it: Emily or Brian? What character traits does the author write аbout: positive or negative? Comment on your answer.
I think it is Emily. The author writes about positive and negative traits of character t. On one side, the girl is a sociable responsible, helpful and ambitious person. On the other side, she has some negative traits of character she would like to rid of. She is too moody, impatient and obstinate.
6. Read and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.
7. Work in small groups. Discuss the questions.
1) Yes, I do. The parents should treat their children as equals.
Such parents’ behavior and attitude give them an opportunity to understand each other better. As the children understand their parents they can trust them more secrets and respect their parents’ opinion.
2) Middle-aged people are irritated the following traits of character in teenagers. They are impatience, rudeness, aggression and dishonesty.
3) Morality and depression of middle-aged people teenagers find irritating.
4) Understanding, respect, common interests and hobbies, family traditions and customs can help build good relationships between the generations.
5) To my mind, I don’t need to change any traits of character in myself because I am a well-brought person and my parents respect me and they can rely on me.
6) The teenagers aren’t given enough freedom while making their decisions because they are not experienced and in some cases they are uncertain or undetermined.
9. Speak in class. Talk about the way you choose your friends. What character traits do you consider as essential ones? What similarities and differences between you and your friend do you find?
I don’t have many friends. I have one close friend. When I choose a friend I consider that the person should be tolerant, intelligent, patient, friendly and sociable. These are the essential character traits. I prefer having a friend with common interests and similar traits of character. It doesn’t cause any problems in our relationship.
11. Write an essay “About Myself”. Describe your personality. Which of your natural abilities would you like to develop? Which negative character traits would you like to change in yourself?
Let me introduce myself. My name is Mykola Lysenko. I am a pupil of the ninth form.
First of all, I would like to tell you about my appearance. I am not very tall but I have a strong and attractive body. I want to add that I have white curly hair and dark-blue eyes. My face is oval and I have a turned-up nose. I think that inner beauty is more important than physical one.
I consider I can say that I am a generous, friendly and patient person. I am an out-going and sociable person and I like to communicate a lot. These natural abilities of my character I would like to develop.
However, I have some negative character traits. I am a lazy person and I am not hard-working enough. These character traits I would like to change in myself.
In conclusion I would like to say that positive and negative character traits form a personality. And only the person with strong personal traits can be individual and grow up a real personality.

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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