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Unit 5. Amazing Britain
Lessons 1–2. Capital Cities
b) Match the words (1–8) with their definitions (a–h).
c) Complete the sentences with the words from Ex. 2 in the correct form.
1) site;
2) inscribed;
3) landmarks;
4) convention;
5) existed;
6) heritage;
7) mankind;
8) launched.
3. Listen to the radio programme about the World Heritage Sites. Complete the sentences.
1. 1972 by UNESCO.
2. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.
3. Natural sites and a wide variety of cultural sites such as landscapes, towns, historic monuments and modern buildings.
4. Places of international importance for the conservation of mankind’s cultural and natural heritage.
5. 851, 27.
6. Tower of London, the City of Bath, Stonehenge or Scottish castles.
7. Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra and St. Sophia’s Cathedral in Kyiv, the historic centre of Lviv and beech forests of the Carpathians.
8. the circle represents nature and the square means human creation.
5. Read and say if the statements are true or false.
b) Complete the following sentences with the words and phrases from the Vocabulary File given above.
1) regimental museum;
2) a venue;
3) to revolt;
4) to revolve;
5) refurbishment;
6) a ford;
7) a henge.
8. Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions.
1. Belfast Castle ad Cardiff have much in common. They both have had an ancient history and are heritage attractions and sites of international significance.
2. It is very interesting and exciting for people to visit these castles. Belfast is interesting for people to visit because it is a magnificent sandstone building close associations with the city’s past and 5000-year-old henge called "the Giant’s Ring". These sites will attract many tourists and business men as a nice place to hold conferences, private dining and wedding receptions.
Cardiff castle is interesting for people to visit because it is a remarkable place and historic site where you can visit a regiment museum, the ruins of the old castle and the Victorian reconstruction.
9. Read and say what city it is: Belfast or Cardiff.
1) Belfast;
2) Cardiff;
3) Belfast;
4) Belfast;
5) Cardiff;
6) Cardiff.
a) Read the postcard. Say what things Jenny, Lenn and Alice write about.
They write about Scotland. They are impressed by the medieval castles and stunning landscape, variety of food and going to Edinburgh Castle
b) Choose the correct items to complete the sentences.
1. informal;
2. long;
3. is;
4. use.
11. Read and say if the statements are true or false.
13. You are in Great Britain. You’ve decided to send a postcard to your Ukrainian friend, Galyna/Oles, with the sites of the place you’ve visited.
Write brief information about the place. Include the following points:
• say where you are;
• name the site in the picture;
• give a brief description of it;
• say ‘Best regards’ to your relatives.

(suggested postcard)
Dear Galyna, I am writing from Edinburgh. The weather is nice and we are going sightseeing. The city is marvelous. We have walked along the Royal Mile and visited Edinburgh castle, the Scotland’s most visited attraction of the eleventh century, Scottish Parliament Building and National Museum of Scotland. We enjoyed Royal Botanic Garden with great pleasure. We are going to visit Greyfriar’s Bobby Statue tomorrow. I send you some photos I hope you like them. See you next week!
Best wishes,

iconГДЗ Підручник Англійська мова 9 клас Несвіт Генеза 2017
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