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Unit 16. Buy it.
Сторінка 68
Vocabulary and listening.
1. Match the words with the definitions.
1 - k; 2 - j; 3 - f; 4 - I; 5 - h; 6 - c; 7 - d; 8 - b; 9 - g; 10 - a; 11 - I; 12 - e,
1. diary - k. You write in this every day.
2. scissors - j. You cut things with these.
3. umbrella - f. You use this when it rains.
4. toothbrush - I. You clean your teeth with this.
5. rucksack - h. You put your things in here for school.
6. flowers - c. You can cut these and give them to someone on their birthday.
7. sweets - d. You can eat these,
8. paint - b. You can colour a picture with this.
9. plants - g. These grow in the garden.
10. rubber - a. You find this in a pencil case,
11. stamps - i. You use these to send letters.
12. game - e, You play this with your friends.
2. Complete the sentences. Use some of the words from Exercise 1.
1. What game can we play?
2. These scissors aren't very good. I can't cut the paper with them.
3. Where's my toothbrush? I have to brush my teeth.
4. Oh, look - it's raining! Where's my umbrella?
5. I never eat chocolate, cake or sweets. I don't like sugar,
6. Does this plant have red or white flowers?
7. Lisa is good at art and she wants some new paints.
3. Listen to the conversation between Zoe and her dad. Where are Zoe and her family going?
They are going on holiday to Wales.
4. Listen again. Match the people to the objects.
1 - d; 2 - c; 3 - b; 4 - a.
1.Zoe's brother - d. toothbrush
2.Zoe's sister - c. paints
3.Zoe's mum - b, sweets
4.Zoe's dad - a. books
5. Listen again. Who says these words? Write D for Dad and Z for Zoe.
1.Have we got everything? - Zoe;
2.He can't find h old one. - Dad;
3.I'd like to get an umbrella. - Dad;
4.That's true. - Zoe;
5.Say it again, please. - Zoe;
6.Do you need anything? - Dad;
7.I think I've got everything. - Zoe;
Сторінка 69
1. Put the words in the right order to make sentences.
1.I need to go to sleep,
2.My Friends want to go to New York.
3.I need to do my homework.
4.Dad needs to buy food for dinner.
5.I want a big birthday party.
6.We need to buy some clothes for the holiday.
7.I want to play basketball.
2. Match the sentences with the pictures.
1.He wants to go to the park. - E;
2.She needs to clean her room. - B;
3.He wants an ice cream. - D;
4.She needs a drink. - A;
5.He needs to buy a new ball. - F;
6.She wants to be famous. - C.
3. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1 - want; 2 - needs; 3 - want; 4 - need; 5 - wants; 6 - wants,
1. I want to go to the swimming pool tomorrow.
2. Mari is doing an exam. She needs a blue pen,
3. It's my birthday tomorrow. I want to have a party.
4. We haven't got any food. We need to go shopping.
5. My mum likes music. She wants to go to the concert at the weekend,
6. Nina thinks Mexico is a beautiful country. She wants to visit it.
4. Correct the sentences.
1. My dad wants to buy some shoes,
2.I want to watch a film on Saturday.
3.I needs to go to sleep.
4.My brother wants to play football for Barcelona.
5.I'm hungry. I need to eat something.
6.My sister needs to study for her English test.
7.Mum wants to goes to the beach.
5. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of need/needs or want/wants.
1.A: Leo, Lana wants to come to your party.
B: Great!
2.A: Let's have a picnic in the park!
B: OK, but we need to buy some food!
3.A: Cathy's tired.
B: She needs to go to bed.
4.A: Why is Rachel learning Turkish?
B: Because she wants to go to Istanbul in July.
5.A: I want to go to their concert in July!
B: Me too! I love that band!
6.A: Mum, your bike is very dirty!
B: I know. I need to clean it.
7.A: Do you want to go to the cinema?
B:Sorry, I can't! It's my dad s birthday.
Сторінка 70
Vocabulary and Reading
1. Choose the correct words.
1. € - euro; 2. £ - pound; 3. p - pence; 4. $ - dollar; 5. c - cent; 6. ₴ - hryvnia.
2. Write the prices.
1 - eight pounds fifty pence; 2 - seventy cents; 3 - thirty hryvnias; 4 - nine pounds twenty pence; 5 - six dollars; 6 - eight euros twenty - five cents; 7 - fifteen pence; 8 - twelve dollars forty cents; 9 - ten cents; 10 - seventeen hryvnias.
3. Look at the pictures. Write the price of the objects.
1.The hat is thirty-six pounds.
2.The sandwich is fourteen hryvnias.
3.The plate is seven euros,
4.The ball is twenty-five hryvnias.
5.The bag is five dollars.
6.The car is nine euros.
4. Read the conversations. Match the photos to the conversations.
1 - C; 2 - D; 3 - B; 4 - A.
5. Read the conversations again. Are the sentences right or wrong?
1 - Wrong; 2 - Right; 3 - Wrong; 4 - Right; 5 - Wrong; 6 - Right; 7 Right.
1.Emma thinks the white flowers are too expensive, - Wrong;
2.The white flowers are £4.25. - Right;
3.Henry's brother hasn't got any paints. - Wrong;
4.Henry wants to buy a game. - Right;
5.Lucy needs a dress for her holiday. - Wrong;
6.Lucy's mum likes the long dress. - Right;
7.Jack's mum would like some coffee. - Right;
Сторінка 71
1. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1 - tall; 2 - tired; 3 - difficult; 4 - expensive; 5 - hot; 6 - young; 7 - small; 8 - short; 9 - dirty.
1. Martin can't ride his little brother's bike. He's too tall,
2. Lisa doesn't want to walk home. She's too tired.
3. Tom can't do his homework. It's too difficult!
4. Helen likes the shoes, but they're €300! That’s too expensive.
5. Can I have some cold water in my tea? It's too hot.
6. My brother can't drive a car. He's too young.
7. My little brother's shoes are too small for him. He needs some new ones.
8. We're having a great holiday, but it's too short - only five days!
9. Where's your new T-shirt? That one's too dirtyl
2. Complete the conversations. Use too + an adjective from Exercise 1.
1. A: Let's play tennis.
B: I can't. I'm too tired. I need to go to bed.
2. A: Mykhailo only likes hot food.
B: Doesn't he like ice cream?
A: No, he doesn't! He says it's too cold.
3. A: Does your little sister go to school?
B: No, she doesn't, She's too young, She's only three,
4. A: Do you like basketball?
B: Yes, I do, but I'm too short to play it.
5. A: Why don't you wear your blue shirt to the party?
B: I can't. It's too dirty. I need to wash it.
6. A: My grandfather doesn't want to come to the park.
B: Why not?
A: Well, he's 70 years old. He says he's too old to play football.
1. Put the conversation in the right order.
1 - B; 2 - A; 3 - K; 4 - E; 5 - F; 6 - J; 7 - C; 8 - G; 9 - D; 10 - H.
1 - B. Excuse me,
2 - A. Yes? Can I help you?
3 - K. Yes. I need a new rucksack. I like the red one. How much is it?
4 - E. It'S £25.
5 - F. Oh, that's too expensive. How much is the brown one?
6 - J. The brown one's £15.
7 - C. Great! Can I have that one?
8 - G. Sure. That's £15. please.
9 - D. Here you are.
10 - H. Thanks. Bye.
2. Look at the photo. Write a shopping conversation. Use the conversation in Exercise 1 and the phrases in the box to help you.
- Excuse me.
-Can I help you?
-I need some shirt.
-Here you are. Do you like this colour?
-Yes, but it is too expensive.
- Try this one.
-Very nice. How much is it?
-Fourty five dollars.
-Here you are.
- Thanks.

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