ГДЗ Англійська мова 5 клас. Робочий зошит [Карпюк О., Блажевич С.] 2020

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Сторінка 107
1. Доповніть пропущеними словами.
Cathy is in the outdoor school camp, It is her second day there and she doesn't have much time to write because they have a lot of activities planned for today.
... They were on the bus at exactly 7 am. Two hours later they were already in their cabins. The cabins were a real surprise they were cosy and very comfortable.
Their first activity, at 9.30, was the first-aid course. The break was only 15 minutes long and then there was the second activity shelter building. ... Lunch was at 1 pm. It was delicious.
... he pupils were with a forest plants instructor in the woods for four hours.
At 6 pm they were back. Of course, mushrooms were for supper. ...
... The children were all in their beds at 8 pm because the lights were out 45 minutes later.
2. Вгадай слово.
1. Hammer
2. Bandage
3. Helmet
4. Compass
5. Matches
6. Shelter
Сторінка 108
3. Один зайвий.
1. Rоре;
2. Karaoke;
3. Microphone;
4. Canoeing;
5. Camp fire;
6. Group games.
4. Напиши was чи were.
It was my birthday yesterday. We had a picnic near a lake. All my relatives were at the picnic. My cousin Brad was naughty as usual and he almost fell into the lake. My older cousin Julia was bored because she thinks she is too old for such parties. My uncle George and his wife Mary, were dressed as clowns. A bit childish, but a nice try. There were a lot of delicious food: sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs. There was also a big birthday cake, but my brother almost stepped into it. The weather was wonderful at the beginning, but in the afternoon there was a slower. So, at the end of my birthday party we were all wet. My cousins Tim and Jack were the happiest people on Earth. For them getting wet was the best thing about the party. All in all, I think my birthday party was a success!
Сторінка 109
5. Зробіть ці речення заперечними.
1. Sarah wasn't angry yesterday.
2. My brother and І were not grounded last weekend.
3. You were not at Nick's birthday party last Saturday.
4. My parents weren't at school yesterday. Poor me!
5. My uncle wasn't on a business trip in Sydney.
6. We weren't tired after the match two days ago.
6. Подивіться таблицю і запишіть речення.
1. Linda was at music school yesterday. She wasn't in the park.
2. Cathy was happy yesterday. She wasn't unhappy often the test.
3. Mike and Pete were good yesterday. They weren't naughty at school yesterday.
4. The school trip was interesting yesterday. It wasn't boring last month.
5. We were in the mountains last week. We weren't at the seaside two months ago.
Сторінка 110
7. Доповніть речення про вас та вашу сім'ю. Використовуй was, wasn't, were, weren't.
1. I was naughty when I was four years old.
2. My mother wasn't at the hairdresser's yesterday.
3. My next-door neighbours weren't in Africa last year.
4. My parents and I were at the seaside last summer.
5. I wasn't an excellent pupil in the first grade.
6. I was at school yesterday.
7. I wasn't a birthday party three days ago.
8. My best friend wasn't ill last week.
8. Відсортуй. Використовуй:
- New York
- Australia
- Garden
- Mountains
- Bed
- Kitchen
- Home
- Work
- School
- Seaside
- Restaurant
- At the cinema
9. Відсортуй. Використовуй:
Last November six day ago.
Last Sunday a week ago.
Last Christmas five minutes ago.
Last month three years ago.

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