ГДЗ Англійська мова 5 клас. Робочий зошит [Карпюк О., Блажевич С.] 2020

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Сторінка 111
1. Зіставте та перевищить.
1. Last week Cathy was -> at outdoor school with her class.
2. Cathy's favourite activity -> was rock climbing.
3. Rock climbing is -> a piece of cake for Cathy.
4. The food was OK - the mushrooms were -> delicious but the beans were yucky.
5. The instructors were -> strict and cautious.
6. The giris were scared at night -> because there were some strange sounds outside the cabin.
7. The mornings were cold, but Cathy's bag -> was full of warm clothes.
8. The weather was > glorious the whole week.
Сторінка 112
2. Перетворіть ці твердження у запитання.
1. Were you at a wedding last Saturday?
2. Was my mother was at school yesterday?
3. Were his neighbours were at home last night?
4. Was last summer was cold?
1. Where were you born?
2. Why were Mike and Pete late for school?
3. What was there on your breakfast table at Easter?
4. Who was Mr. Harris?
3. Заповніть і дайте відповіді на запитання.
1. Were you born in Ukraine? -> Yes, I was.
2. Was your mother born in Ukraine? -> Yes, she was.
3. Were Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods? -> Yes, they were.
4. Was Sleeping Beauty asleep for 50 years? -> Yes, she was.
5. Was Cinderella unhappy? -> Yes, she was.
6. Were the ugly sisters nice to Cinderella? -> No, they weren't.
7. Was your last History class boring? -> No, it wasn't. 8. Were you late for school yesterday? -> No, I weren't.
4. Здогадайся, яка погода.
1. I'm wearing my rubber boots and a jacket. I can't go out without my umbrella. It's rainy.
2. I'm wearing flip-flops, shorts and a top. But it doesn't help it's hot.
3. І can't go out of the house. Leaves and papers are flying all around.
It's windy.
4. We are planning a picnic, but I don't think we can go. Look at the sky - it's completely grey. It's cloudy.
5. I can't see a thing. It's pretty scary to be in the car. It's foggy.
6. The children in my street are so happy. Soon they can make a snowman. It's snowy.
Сторінка 113
5. Складіть власний звіт про погоду. Заповніть таблицю.

windy, cold
on Monday
on Tuesday
on Wednesday
on Thursday
Сторінка 114
2. Подивіться на телевізійний путівник. Доповніть речення на сторінці 115 типами телевізійник програм.
1. You can watch a quiz show at 20:30 on FOX TV.
2. You can watch the news at 19:00 on OK TV.
3. You can watch a reality show at 20:00 on SUPER TV.
4. You can watch a cartoon at 19:15 on OK TV.
5. You can watch a sport programme at 19:00 on FOX TV.
6. You can watch a documentary at 18:00 on SUPER TV.
7. You can watch a soap opera at 19:30 on OK TV.
8. You can watch a sitcom at 21:15 on FOX TV.
Сторінка 115
4. Доповніть текст пропущеними словами.
It was cold and rainy yesterday evening. The whole family was at home.
They were all in front of the television.
Mikels dad wanted to watch the news. Mike wanted to watch a football match between Manchester United and Arsenal because that was the most important match of the season. For Ted, Sponge Bob was also very important so the two brothers argued.
Grandpa Ed opened the TV guide He wanted to watch a documentary - The history of Ancient Egypt.
Mike's mother was in the kitchen. She had prepared some sandwiches for everybody. She wanted to watch a soap opera.
Only Uncle Harry hates watching TV so he decided to paint the shelves in the garage.
Suddenly all the lights went out. Grandpa Ed laughed, uncle Harry shouted and Ted started eating sweets.
Mike's mum dropped the plate of sandwiches and Dad looked for some matches and candles.
There was no electricity. There was no TV so they played games until bedtime.

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