ГДЗ Англійська мова 5 клас. Робочий зошит [Карпюк О., Блажевич С.] 2020

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Сторінка 121
7. Доповніть речення минулим часом слів у дужках. Будьте обережні: деякі з них є нерегулярними, а деякі регулярними (тому не забувайте -ed).
.. . People there never got up before 12 o'clock. For Breakfast they always had lollipops and coke. Actually they never ate any meat or vegetables.
Only sweets. They drank only juice. They watched comedies and they read comics.
Children went to school once a week. They only played and listened to stories. Their teachers were never angry. They laughed all the time.
Every day was the same until one day a giant by the name of Brolo came to their happy country. Brolo saw how happy all the people were and he wanted to steal their happiness. First he took all their sweets. Then he read aloud sad stories. But the people in Happy land were still happy.
So Gregor Gregorski decided to help the sad giant. He gave the giant a very special potion. It was the happiness potion.
Brolo drank it and he charted started laughing. He immediately forgot all his problems and worries. Happyland was his new home.
Сторінка 122
1. Замість деяких слів є знаки. Розбийте код.
young, story, did not, father, and
2. Перепишіть правильну версію історії.
Mike's father was at Mike's school today. He talked to Mike's class mistress and he is not at all happy. Mike's marks are worse than he expected.
When he was young Mike's father was an excellent pupil. He did not forget to do his homework and he did not make a mess all around. Moreover, he did not spend hours in front of the mirror.
Mike's father played a lot but he did not spend time in front of a computer because he did not have a computer at home. He read a lot instead. He read all kinds of stories. He did not have a favourite story when he was young.
He remembers one story very well — "The Elephant's Child". Grandpa Ed told this story at least a hundred times. He heard this story when he was in India.
Сторінка 123
3. Перепишіть речення, які є для вас правдивими.
Му mum did not go on а business trip last week.
I did not arrive at school late today.
I did not receive an email from my cousin yesterday.
I did not play football last week.
My dad did not help me with Maths homework yesterday.
4. Напишіть запитання до цих відповідей.
1. Did you invite Jessica to your party?
2. Did Tom clean the blackboard after the break?
3. Did it rain last week?
4. Did you answer the phone?
1. Did Mike fall asleep during History class?
2. Did Pete write a love note to Liz?
3. Did you drink six glasses of coke?
4. Did they lose the car keys?
Сторінка 124
5. Ставте запитання та дайте відповіді.
1. When did you have breakfast this morning?
I had breakfast at 8 o'clock.
2. What did you give your mum for her birthday?
I gave my mum a picture and flowers.
3. When did you cry last?
I cried yesterday.
4. What did you watch on TV yesterday?
I watched cartoons yesterday.
6. Майк розмовляє зі своїм дідом Едом. Він морський капітан і був у багатьох країнах світу. Закінчіть його відповіді.
Mike: Grandpa, which journey did you enjoy most?
Ed: The journey to South America.
Mike: Did the journey last more than a year?
Ed: Yes, it did. It lasted two years.
Mike: Did pirates attack your ship?
Ed: Yes, they did. But they were modern pirates.
Mike: Did they take anything from the ship?
Ed: No, they did not. We did not have anything valuable on the ship.
Mike: Did they hurt, any of the crew members?
Ed: No, they did not. Luckily they were in a hurry.
Mike: Did you see any whales on your journey?
Ed: Yes, we did. They were bigger than I could imagine.
Mike: Did you take any pictures of them?
Ed: Yes, we did. I must show them to you.
Mike: Did you meet any unusual people?
Ed; Yes, I did. Indians from the Brazilian rainforest.
Mike: Did they welcome you?
Ed: Yes, they did. And we became good friends.
Mike: Did you miss your family?
Ed: Yes, I did. A lot.
Mike; Did you enjoy being a sea captain?
Ed: Yes, I did because I saw more than half the world. But I missed my family too much. I'm much happier now when I'm with you all the time.
Сторінка 125
7. Запишіть пропущені букви. ІСТОРІЇ, ІСТОРІЇ, ІСТОРІЇ ?..
a love story
a horror story
an SF story
a crime story
a bed time story
a fable
a fairy tale
an adventure story
a historical story

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